Kirk Cameron Defiantly Speaks at Loudoun County Church Despite Targeting by Radical Leftists


It’s 2021 all over again in Loudoun County, Virginia.

During the craziness of the pandemic, when school boards were using children as political pawns to advance their agenda, a Facebook group full of “Doris Kronstons” was organized to punish those who disagreed with them over “equity” and “Critical Race Theory”. The group was called “Chardonnay Antifa” because of their Saul Alinsky-style tactics. They encouraged members to create lists of parents they wanted to harass and intimidate into silence.

This group’s exposure sparked the parent-led movement that would sweep the country in 2021. It propelled parent advocate Glenn Youngkin to the Virginia governorship and inspired thousands of parents in the state to speak out against the educational malpractice rampant in their localities. Loudoun County residents were made aware of radical leftists who tried to silence them. Even in the left-leaning Loudoun County, this did not go down well. The newly elected AG Jason Miyares ensured that justice was served.

Done. Dusted. Settled. Right?

Not so much. Local media has uncovered a new Facebook group, this time calling itself “Loudoun Love Warriors” and consisting of people closely aligned to local Democrats. This group targets citizens who speak at school board meetings but do not repeat radical leftist talking points. This time they went a step further, making actual violent threats and plotting to have people fired.

Winsome Earle Sears, the always amazing lieutenant governor for Virginia, spoke as a citizen and had some thoughts on the Loudoun County Thugs.

What’s my reaction to…what they call, “the Love Warriors Group” — there is nothing but hatred in that group. If the reports are true and I do not react as lieutenant governor, I respond as a normal human being. When you hear what they’re doing, this group is trying to destroy lives. You will lose your job, they may even shoot you.

Remember, this group is one of those that say they are against guns. Except, I suppose, when they have the guns. We need to stop this madness. America is being destroyed from within. It’s what our enemies are doing to us. It is not us who we are.

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office took the threats very seriously and has launched an investigation to determine the actions of group members. The group compiled a list of local residents and organizations as possible targets.

On that list was a popular and prominent Loudoun community church, Cornerstone Chapel. The church is unabashedly conservative and its pastor, Gary Hamrick, has reached minor celebrity status as a gifted homilist. Hamrick said of the threat to his church:

Those who have targeted our church and others for their faith and values are not the only ones. Ironically, those who preach tolerance are the ones most intolerant towards those of us with differing views and values.

Kirk Cameron is the man to call.

Cameron is not a stranger to the cultural battle raging in America. He was in the news earlier in 2023 when he went on a book tour and asked public libraries to allow him to hold Christian story times on their premises. Many had opened their doors for story hour. Some libraries resisted Cameron’s request for a positive message to be brought to children. Kirk Cameron is scheduled to speak at Cornerstone Chapel on Sunday despite or maybe because of the threats that local Democrats have made against the chapel.

Cameron, as we wrote recently, is familiar with “the longstanding designs of the radical left – especially when it comes to America’s schools and the children that attend them.”

Cameron told One America News Network recently (OAN).

It is always the children who are targeted. God didn’t give children to governments or woke institutions but to parents. They are then staffed by people who want to undermine the faith and values which made America great and advanced the good. We shouldn’t be shocked that evil forces are targeting kids because their ultimate goal is to destroy the family in America and kill God.

Kirk Cameron and institutions like Cornerstone Chapel, which are Christian institutions, pose a real threat to morally bankrupt members of Facebook groups that seek to harm their fellow citizens. While radical leftists resort to violence and threats in order to advance their agenda, Christians and conservatives rely on morality and reasoning. The left is worried that they’re losing the battle of good versus bad.

The AG Miyares may also be a concern. He has stated that he is “very closely” watching the investigation into Loudoun Love Warriors and will take necessary action if needed.

Miyares said:

It was disturbing to me that a group of people, some of whom were obviously staffers of elected leaders in Loudoun, openly advocated for violence and intimidation toward private citizens who had petitioned their government about their concerns. It’s a precious right to be able to tell elected officials when they are doing a good job, or if they are not.