Biden Gets Warned by Squad Member He May Lose Muslim Vote With Response to Israel War


Rep. Pramila Jajapal, D. Washington, warned President Biden about his response to Israel’s attack on Hamas.

Jayapal’s comments were made during an appearance on Sunday morning “Meet the Press”, hosted by Kristen Welker. Welker asked Jayapal if she was worried that Biden’s reaction to the conflict might hurt his chances of winning the 2024 presidential elections.

“I was one of President Biden’s strongest supporters.” Jayapal replied, “I have been proud to partner with him as he was courageous and strong on the domestic front.” “The president must be equally courageous in this matter so that we can maintain unity within our nation.”

She added, “I think he will be challenged to explain a moral issue to the American public.” The American people are far from the position taken by the president or even the majority in Congress on Israel and Gaza.

The Americans support Israel’s right to exist and defend itself but do not support exchanging one war crime for another. I think that the president must be very careful. She concluded by saying, “I would ask him…to take us to a better place.”