How Did Zelenskyy React to Makhachkala Riots?


Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president, condemned the Makhachkala protests that took place on Sunday night. A group of antisemitic protestors stormed an airport in Russia and shouted antisemitic remarks.

Zelenskyy posted on X (formerly Twitter) “Appalling Videos from Makhachkala in Russia where an angry mob searched for Israelis on the flight to Tel-Aviv by searching the airport.”

He continued, “This is not an isolated incident in Makhachkala. It is part of Russia’s culture of hatred towards other nations which is promoted by state TV, pundits, and authorities.”

Zelenskyy – a Jew – then accused senior Russian officials of harboring hatred against Jews.

The Russian Foreign Minister has made antisemitic comments in the past year. “The Russian President used antisemitic insults,” explained the Ukrainian leader. Hate speech is a regular occurrence for Russian propagandists on official Russian television. Even the latest Middle East crisis prompted antisemitic remarks from Russian ideologists.

He added that “Russian antisemitism is systemic, and the hatred of other nations is deeply rooted.” “Hatred fuels aggression and terrorism.” “We must all unite to fight hatred.”