JFK’s Grandson Sparks Controversy with Strange Videos Mocking RFK Jr. in Accents


We have spoken about the Kennedy family selling their souls to attack their brother, their uncle, or their relative Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Several of these people, including Kerry Kennedy (RFK Jr.’s sister), came out to support Joe Biden last month. She was interrupted by a maniacally screaming protester after accidentally endorsing Donald Trump, the former president. Then Biden, or whoever posted from his account, even posted a YouTube video featuring endorsements by various Kennedys.

Jack Schlossberg is Caroline Kennedy’s son, and JFK was his only grandchild. He has posted some videos to Instagram in which he mocks RFK Jr. and uses bizarre accents. As we have reported, he has attacked RFK Junior in the past. Schlossberg has now called him a “prick.” Check out all the impersonations on X.

He pretends that he is a man who sounds like he comes from Massachusetts.

Many people are talking about Robert F. Kennedy Jr., I am a big fan of both his father and uncle. May he rest peacefully. I remember when he was murdered. The entire country wept. It was a sad day.

But listen that guy, the new guy [RFK Jr], is a prick.

He is a prick. He lies to you. He has Trump’s donors and advisors. He and Trump have a long history. Do not be fooled. Don’t waste your vote. Vote Biden! You’ll feel great. It will be a lot of fun. We’re going to keep growing.

Schlossberg then accuses his relative of “Russia, Russia and Russia”, putting on an impersonated Russian accent and saying that what he’d do would be beneficial for Putin. “Go, RFK! “You have the vote of Russia!” “His Russian character says”

He uses a Southern accent to attack Trump and then says that Bobby Kennedy also doesn’t show much respect for the people. “He is lying to us. That’s for certain.” “Plus, I raise horse, and you can tell when a steroid or testosterone is being pumped into a horse. It doesn’t make a horse run faster or think better. What’s he saying here?

There was also the New York Jewish accent.

The strangest part of the seven videos is Schlossberg’s portrayal of a Long Island Jew named Joshua with a nasal accent. He talks about “everyone loving the Kennedys” as well as how “Caroline Kennedy married a Jewish guy.”

Schlossberg’s father is Jewish. Ed Schlossberg (78) is an artist and designer.

Schlossberg concludes his “Joshua” clip by complaining that RFK Jr. loves Bitcoin, and then turning to the camera to yell “Who’s gonna protect my money?”

Um, yikes.

Who would go to such lengths as to put their family member in the hot seat like this? Even bringing up the Russia accusation? You may not agree with RFK Jr. but are you serious?

They must be desperate and think that RFK Jr. will severely reduce Biden’s votes. Polls show that he is hurting Biden. The real reason why he hurts Biden is Biden. Democrats who may not vote for Trump will look around to find a Democrat that makes more sense than Biden. Biden’s bad character cannot be changed by the Kennedys attacking RFK.