Biden Makes Strange, Racist Remarks


Joe Biden, as we reported previously, tried to divert attention from the indictment of his son and his impeachment investigation by promoting “Bidenomics,” and attacking “MAGAnonmics,” a term that doesn’t even exist. He then strangely changed it into “Meganomics”.

I don’t remember who told Biden to name his bad policies “Bidenomics”, because that only adds a label to his bad policies, which the American public has already demonstrated they disapprove of. Then he makes things worse by comparing it to the former president Donald Trump, who had a great economic system and did not have rampant inflation. This comparison is not helpful for Biden.

Biden did not answer questions about his son Hunter’s indictment on gun charges.

He made an odd comment about the Maryland Governor. Wes Moore has biceps. Biden loves to comment on men’s biceps and, in some cases, even feel them.

He was also very confused when it came time to leave. The music was loudly played to tell him to leave the stage. He didn’t know where to go.

Biden’s other problem, which he has had for years, is making racist comments. On Thursday, he made a racist comment when he talked about Bidenomics, claiming that he has done a great deal for minorities.

He appears to believe that he must help these groups because they are somehow deficient. Joe, that’s racist, Joe. Even if you do not understand it, this is wrong. He added veterans to the list, as well, along with “without high-school diplomas.” He thinks they are also lacking.

Joe has said this before about minorities. Remember that “poor children are just as smart and talented as white children” comment? His infamous comment about Barack Obama was a classic. He said, “First mainstream African American who is articulate, bright, and clean. And a nice-looking guy.” Two years ago he said that “Hispanics and African Americans” would have difficulty understanding how to register online for the COVID vaccination.

Three years ago he was asked a question about race and slavery, and he responded by saying that they needed to help [black?] people to raise their children right. And that they needed to play the record player so kids could learn words. Yikes.

We send social workers to parents’ homes to assist them in raising their children. They don’t mean to be rude. They aren’t sure what to do. Play the radio. “Make sure that the record player is on in the evening.”

He had previously said that he didn’t want his children to grow up in “a racial Jungle” and made the famous “they’re gonna put y’all in chains” statement.

The media doesn’t hold this racist accountable. The media would never stop talking about it if this was a Republican. The media doesn’t report much about Biden’s racism, so most people are unaware of this.

Here is who Joe Biden really is.