Jill Treats Biden Like a Child During His ‘Cancer Cabinet’ Meeting


Joe Biden met with his “Cancer Cabinet”, on Wednesday. The Cancer Cabinet was supposed to work on cancer-fighting efforts.

One thing that was evident in the meeting was the slowness, sluggishness, and age of Biden. He was supposed to read introductory remarks. He struggled through the speech with confusion and missed words.

Biden’s attempt to speak about “Underserved Communities” is a good example.

Joe continued, “And make sure that we reach each of the historically underserved communities. There are many historically underserved areas. In fact, I am working on moving the world forward on global warming and environmental issues. We are cleaning fence-line communities. This is why I promised that 40 percent of the savings would go to these communities. Huh?

This is the reason why Biden’s ratings keep dropping. This is something that people see every day. It’s the reason why Americans don’t think he should run for office again.

What was Jill Biden up to? Jill Biden, who was also a co-chair at the event, seemed to be handling Joe. She might have given Joe a nudge with her elbow and leaned in to watch his speech as he was rambling. Jill was very striking in that after Joe had finished speaking, she tried to reassure him of his success, just as you would for an elderly person or a child who is not mentally healthy.

She patted his back and thanked him in an exaggerated manner. Who is running the show here? It’s not Joe.

When they see Jill treat him in this manner, is it any wonder that his staff may treat him as a baby?

Last week, Fox’s Peter Doocy questioned White House Press Secretary Karinejean-Pierre on the issue.

President Biden is the oldest U.S. president in history. Why is he treated like a child by White House staff? Peter Doocy, a Fox News reporter, asked Jean-Pierre a question during the White House’s daily press briefing.

“Nobody treats the commander-in-chief, the president of the United States like a child. That’s ridiculous. Jean-Pierre replied, “It’s a ridiculous statement.

Jean-Pierre should check with Jill about that because most people think that way. It also seems that the staff are always telling Biden what to say and saving his bacon whenever he starts to ramble on. Or when he makes a crazy statement — like in Vietnam when the staff pulled the plug on a press conference after he insulted the Southern Hemisphere and talked about dog-faced ponies soldiers.

After Jill made a few remarks that were longer than Joe’s, the staff sent the media outside. Press asked questions about his son’s investigation and the impeachment probe, but Biden sat blankly and did not respond.

The situation is getting worse, and all those involved in the incident should be ashamed of putting our country at risk.