Will Cain and Pete Hegseth Roast Biden’s Imaginary Resume in Hilarious Segment


Will Cain and Pete Hegseth, co-hosts of “Fox and Friends Weekend” on Fox, tried to mimic Joe Biden’s fictional résumé.

They deserve praise for their efforts. It’s funny but also sad that a character with this psychological issue is in the Oval Office. He makes up things to boost his ego or to make himself seem connected to the people he speaks to.

There are too many variables to cover. The bold effort they made was commendable.

He was raised by Puerto Ricans and received his education at the black church. He is called “Bidenopoulos”, because he is so Greek. All of this is not hyperbole. Hegseth suggested that we might want to question your claims.

Cain stated, “Any time he (Biden) says, ‘True Story,’ you have to raise your antennas.” You know it’s not going to be a “true” story. It’s one of many “tall tells,” along with “not hyperbole.”

“True story of his uncle?” Cain, who was attempting to get into Biden’s fairytale about “my uncle being eaten by cannibals”, said that one could describe it as fantastical. Hegseth points out that Biden ends his claim with the phrase “for real.” This is another hint that it’s not for real. Cain is wrong when he says that it’s true the uncle was shot. Biden lied about his uncle being a pilot, and his mother’s brother signing up for the military. The plane crashed in the ocean near Papua New Guinea due to an engine failure, not because it had been shot down.

The article notes that this false claim made by Biden caused us to be “a little at variance” with Papua New Guinea. They were not happy at all with Biden’s false claim. Hegseth reported that Joe Biden falsely claimed his son Beau died in Iraq when in reality he died of cancer.

They then went back to his most absurd lies about his educational background, which caused him to withdraw from the 1988 presidential election. He said, among other things that he was a top student and had an academic scholarship, but he had none and was 76th in his law school class. Hegseth points out that even his hair, which is more than it was in the 1980s – is not real. Hegseth also noted that he claimed to be a “runner up in the state football scoring championship,” when in fact he was fifth at his conference.

There’s also his blue-collar background amongst that, and all his courageous actions in the past – that never happened. He never drove the 18-wheeler; he never took the train across the Francis Scott Key Bridge, because there were no train tracks. And he never was arrested with Nelson Mandela in Soweto. Biden lied this week about his arrest during the civil rights movement, on the porch of an African-American family.

They finish by saying that Joe’s wonderful background should make you want him to stay for “four years more” and then they play the Biden “Ron Burgundy moment” from last week when he said “four years more” and read off the teleprompter directions to “pause”.

You can’t cover everything, as I said. It seems that there are so many things, and it’s like a new one is added almost daily. So what the Fox guys mentioned was only a small sampling. This guy’s appearance says a lot about the Democratic Party. It is a testament to the rest of the press that they do not even bother to question this man’s behavior or point out the fantasy.