Biden on Brink of Another Houthi Concession


Joe Biden’s failure to replenish the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which was due to be refilled this week, shows how ineffective his policies are when compared with those of Donald Trump. Biden depleted the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, leaving us in a poor position should we be attacked or face an emergency. This shows that he places his political interests above the interests of the nation.

Biden’s weakness in foreign policy was also evident on Wednesday when he reported about his dealings with the Houthis. Biden’s team may consider revoking Houthis terrorist status if they stop attacking ships on the Red Sea.

Tim Lenderking, the special envoy of President Joe Biden for Yemen, said in a press conference online on Wednesday that he hoped to find diplomatic off-ramps. “To deescalate, and eventually allow us to withdraw the designation, and to stop the military strikes against Houthis’s military capabilities.”

Washington’s comments indicate that it is now relying more on diplomacy following a three-month airstrike campaign against Houthi installations in Yemen. The US claims that it has degraded the Houthis military capabilities, but the US’s comments suggest otherwise.

John Hasson of Townhall analyzed Biden’s weakness that led us to where we are today, beginning with former president Donald Trump’s decision to label them terrorists. They then began to attack ships in the Red Sea.

Biden, when he put them back on that list in January said he believed they were terrorists.

Why did he remove them in the first place?

Guy Benson, Townhall’s Guy, and Richard Goldberg, Senior Advisor for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), noted that even “putting them on the list” did not go the whole way and they were given out.

They were designated as a Specially Defined Global Terrorist Group, but not a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

They are signaling that they’ll remove even this partial designation if the Houthis cease to act badly against ships in the Red Sea, despite the fact they have done absolutely nothing to indicate their intention to stop.

Weak Joe Biden? Are these the adults in charge again? It’s no wonder that under Biden, every bad actor is emboldened. He inherited Obama’s weakness.