Biden Remarks on Inflation Reduction Act Drift off Into Delusion


After Sen. Kyrsten (D-AZ), joined Sen. Joe Manchin, (D-WV), and signed on to the falsely-named Inflation Reduction Act (IRC), Joe Biden made remarks from the White House balcony where he continues isolating himself after testing positive for COVID.

Biden seemed to be trying to win a victory lap, but it didn’t work out as he lost his sense of direction and fell into incoherence. Biden was not delivering the remarks from the Executive Office Building, which had a fake stage and big teleprompter. He was having more trouble understanding what he was supposed to. It was possible that he was wearing sunglasses under the shade of the balcony. I don’t know if this helped or if it was simply about concealing his eyes.

First, Biden fell for the lie that this was their “most important step” to lower inflation.

Despite the fact that it has been assessed to be going to do nothing to lower inflation, this is still a problem. This is a scam. They don’t have anything if this is their most important step.

Biden then went way too far. It was impossible to understand what Biden was trying to convey.

These are the Nobel laureates or people who carry water for the Biden Administration and said that inflation would be temporary.

Biden said that Americans are primarily focused on paying their bills and that helping them do that is his job.

Biden said, “It’s also the president’s job,” This sounds almost as if he doesn’t believe he’s the president. He didn’t seem able to identify the president for the second consecutive day.

It is not the President’s job to pay our bills. Even though Democrats want to take over every aspect of our lives, it isn’t. It is also delusional that Biden believes it is. He should have been fired if that was his job. His bad policies certainly haven’t made it more difficult to pay our bills. This is why we have high inflation and high gas prices. Now, it’s also the reason for the recession.

If this bill is going make inflation fall — as Biden claims, then a reporter asked when that is supposed to happen and if it is such a significant step.

Biden declined to answer the question. Biden has no answer because it won’t happen. He’ll be slapped on the back for taking credit for something that didn’t work.

We are in a terrible situation with this man in office. He is unable to even tell such lies without falling over them.