Senate Dems Using Unofficial Don’t Test, Don’t Tell COVID-19 Rule to Ram Through Inflation Reduction Act


Democrat senators are worried that they may have COVID-19 and are waiting to see if the Inflation Reduction Act is passed. This is expected to happen over the weekend.

Democrats have a plan to ensure that no one is forced to be isolated with the virus in order to vote on the expensive legislation. Puck News was told by a senior aide that they are not planning to delay the vote. He also strongly suggested that there would be “less testing” and that Democrats would “just wear masks and get it done.”

The outlet also noted that Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D.NY) stated that they are “not talking about plan B” and that they will all “stay well.”

Buttercup, if you are sick, take it all in.

This is the Democratic standard for getting unpopular bills passed. It’s especially important because they are betting on just 50 senators and Vice-President Kamala Harris to be their tie-breaking vote. We reported yesterday that Sen. Krysten Silena (D-AZ), was only brought on board on Thursday. This shows that some members of their party were hesitant about the bill for a while.

It’s not unreasonable to assume that this is the mindset of all Democrats in Congress. However, it is quite telling that the leadership would rather work with Republicans than put their members’ health at risk. Senior senators have been known to be at greater risk for serious illness from the virus. It is widely accepted that normalcy should return to normal with more awareness from people who are older or have underlying medical conditions. Despite being so stoic about COVID-19, Democrats wanted to keep society in check. However, it seems that almost anything is possible to get what they want.

Although their hypocrisy may not be new, it is often less evident. Schumer has now admitted that politics is more important to him than his health and the well-being of his coworkers.