Biden Stumbles and Stammers as He Tries to Defend His Economic Record


Joe Biden, after an “unexpected report” showing that the economy had added 339,000 new jobs, rushed to the nearest microphone to proclaim the supposed success of “Bidenomics.” Naturally, that topline number is misleading when you dig into what kinds of jobs were added (mostly government and part-time employment), but this White House doesn’t do details. It just does gaslighting.

You should actually be grateful that the president has given you this astronomical price of living because inflation is “coming down.”

This has been said many times. Inflation is cumulative, so a simple quoting of the current rate does not reflect inflationary policies. Biden has seen prices for everything skyrocket, from groceries to rent. Even though the growth rate is slowing, this does not mean that prices will drop. The prices are not falling, but rather they continue to rise, and the interest rates have reached their highest level in 20 years, making it nearly impossible to buy a home.

The worst of both situations. You can’t increase your wealth over the long term by investing in real estate. This is “Bidenomics.” This is an economic catastrophe that has left Americans in poverty and with a bleak future.

Biden is reluctant to accept this reality. When pressed, he oscillates between being incoherent or insincere.

During that clip, there were moments when I thought that the president would pass out right on the podium. Even before we get into his words, the health of any 2024 voter should be a concern. His slurring has become so commonplace that it is mostly ignored. But the complete freeze-up in 0:59 was a real “yikes!” moment. He starts to droop his head as he stares down at the floor. Then, he blinks as if a reboot of his brain has just occurred.

Biden, after regaining some composure claims that most Americans “know they are better off” financially compared to before. He continues to blame the negative press.

You can’t tell people what they have in their wallets. The majority of people aren’t financially better off because wages haven’t kept up with rising costs. The working-class Americans experience this every time they pay for their electricity or go to the supermarket. The problem with the economy isn’t a message issue. The people wouldn’t think it was great just because CNN was a bit more left-leaning. The situation is bad. The situation is bad and nothing a little manipulation of the numbers in the jobs report will change it.

Biden did not do much better when he moved away from the economy. He blamed Congress for the recent decision to restart construction of the border fence.

Many have pointed out that it took 26 waivers to federal law before things could move forward. This was a Biden Department of Homeland Security decision that had been filed in the federal registry. It’s not plausible to think that the government has only just decided to build the wall.

Either the President is in charge, or he isn’t. Biden wants the ability to demolish the wall from a political standpoint while still reaping its benefits practically. He shouldn’t get away with this hypocrisy.

Let me end by giving you another example of a president who is completely unfit to hold office.

It never ceases to amaze me that we’re expected to pretend it’s all normal. This guy has no chance of surviving a second term. I don’t think he will make it through the general elections. What Democrats are forcing on the country is grotesque.