Never Trumpers Admit: Trump Is Likely to Win GOP Nomination


It’s hard not to feel sorry or even pity for those who are anti/never Trumpers. The Mar-a-Lago Raid was the last straw for them. Then, when that failed to get rid of Trump’s taint, multiple indictments were brought forward. Four indictments with 90 or more charges should do the trick. Donald Trump has maintained his strong poll numbers and is still leading all of his Republican challengers. The anti-Trumpers are starting to feel the effects of all the winnings. They may even be ready to shout “uncle”, and conclude that Donald Trump supporters will not go anywhere.

A number of political action committees have realized that spending millions on anti-Trump advertisements is not working and are reconsidering their budgets. Win It Back, a PAC affiliated with Club for Growth has spent around $6 million on 40 anti-Trump ads that have proven to be ineffective. They spent $6 million on 40 anti-Trump ads that have been ineffective. Republican Accountability PAC is a group made up of former Trump supporters who want to take the Republican Party out of the Trump era. They have spent $1 million in Iowa on campaign ads. Sarah Longwell, the head of the Republican Accountability PAC, said “we have stopped spending money on the primary.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is the candidate who seems to be most affected by high-dollar GOP donors, who have begun to feel a sense of futility about the primary process. Never Back Down PAC supports DeSantis and Robert Bigelow, a hotel entrepreneur, is the PAC’s largest individual donor.

Robert Bigelow has stopped donating, at least temporarily, to the PAC. Citadel CEO Ken Griffin, a billionaire, was an early DeSantis backer. He even said that the country would benefit from having DeSantis as president. Griffin, a billionaire and CEO of Citadel, has withdrawn his support for DeSantis. He said recently that he doesn’t understand his strategy. I’m not sure what voter base he intends to appeal to.

Trump has also turned a lot more heads in the voting booth, including those who had previously been critical of him. Trump and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Georgia Gov. fought over the possibility of election fraud, as well as the extent thereof after the 2020 elections. Kemp has now stated that he would support Trump if he is the Republican candidate. Even those who argued that Trump may not have the same pull as he had in 2016 or 2020 and that Trump’s claims about Georgia’s election were “irresponsible”, are now rethinking their position. Frank LaRose, Ohio’s Secretary of State, met with Trump in the summer. He now supports him.

There are many of the same Never-Trumpers who can’t comprehend why Trump’s supporters won’t abandon Trump. They just can’t stop fighting to rid their party of him. American Opportunity Alliance consists of wealthy Republican donors. Next week, they will meet in Dallas with the DeSantis campaign and Nikki Haley’s to see if one or both of them are viable alternatives to Trump. New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, whose name had been included in the list of possible GOP candidates at one time, would like to support a candidate other than Trump. In a recent National Public Radio interview, Sununu stated his goal in relation to Donald Trump:

I will do all I can to spread the word, not just in New Hampshire but also nationally, to let people know that Trump has defined himself. Republicans are here.

Donald Trump is so far ahead in the polls of his opponents that Trump and other candidates have called for the debates to be changed or scrapped altogether. Trump stated that he had a good reason to skip the first and second debates.

I like to debate. Debates are probably why I am here. I’m not bothered by it. When you have 40 points …., why would I allow these people to take shots at me when they are so far ahead?

But the former New Jersey governor. Chris Christie, presidential candidate and former New Jersey governor, made an important statement despite his constant ranting about Trump. He said, “Voters don’t need less information, they need more.”

There will always exist a group of Never-Trumpers, who are devoted to the days when establishment Republicans caved into Democrats under Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, and Dick Cheney and “lost honorably.” They don’t know that these days are over and that the Republican Party has moved on from that. They don’t really care that the average American doesn’t give a damn about mean tweets. They just want Donald Trump to rescue America.