Biden Stumbles at Peace Officers Memorial, Draws Criticism for ‘Beau’ Remark


Joe Biden attended Wednesday’s National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service.

This event honors officers who have died in the line-of-duty over the last year.

Biden is likely hoping that people will think Democrats support the police after seeing him. The problem is not all those Democrats who aren’t there — who call for the defunding the police — but rather the leftists chanting on campuses against the police. But we do remember.

You can see him tripping up as he approached his seat. He didn’t actually fall.

He has had several incidents where he has had problems, including when he got off his helicopter.

The short steps and special shoes have not stopped him tripping.

Unfortunately, I believe that he will take another header at some point because the problem still exists.

As Biden sat and other people spoke, Biden seemed to just stare vacantly most of the time.

He repeated his “black hole” speech and then, as you expected, spoke about the death of Beau. He said to the audience that if you have loved police officers who were killed in the line-of-duty, “I understand” how they feel because his son was cancer.

You’re being offensive when you claim to know something you don’t.

You had the time to say goodbye to him, even though he was not a policeman. He wasn’t killed in the line-of-duty and you didn’t have to rush to his funeral. The family of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller knows how it feels, but you didn’t bother to call or attend his funeral.

If his staff were decent, they would stop this type of behavior. Biden and his staff don’t seem to be able stop it. Joe, it’s not about you.

As journalist Matthew Foldii noted, his slurring or “Beau moment”, may not have been well received by the audience. There was very little applause at his beginning and after he finished delivering his remarks.