Biden Thinks He’s Treated Like a Toddler


Joe Biden likes ice cream, and he often needs the White House’s help to clean up after him. He might be wearing diapers too. Who knows? If that’s the case, I am sure the White House will do everything to keep it under wraps.

But I digress. Franklin Foer is a staff writer for The Atlantic and former editor of The New Republic. According to his new book, Joe Biden believes that the White House staff are babying him and he doesn’t like it.

The book recalls an incident in which Biden, after concluding a speech on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, made a statement that seemed to call for Putin’s overthrow. Biden said, “For God’s Sake, this man can not remain in power.” Foer reported that the White House had already retracted the statement when Biden reached his motorcade.

Foer’s book describes how the media reacted to the gaffe by describing Biden as a “blowhard” who lacked self-control. Biden, upset at the coverage, “left home and ended his triumphalist trip, feeling sorry about himself.”

Foer writes, “Rather than admitting his failure, he raged to his friends over how he had been treated like a child.”

Peter Doocy, Fox News White House correspondent, asked the White House about this story.

“President Biden is the oldest president of the United States in history.” Doocy asked, “Why does White House staff treat him like a child?”

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, was not pleased with the question.

She insisted that “no one treats the President, Commander-in-Chief, of the United States like a child,” before adding, “This is a ridiculous claim.”

Doocy quoted the book, and then asked: “Was John [F.] Kennedy ever babied like that?”

She began by saying, “So, let’s say this, there will always be — as you are aware — a wide range of books about each administration that make a variety of claims. This is not uncommon. This happens every day. We won’t litigate them here. We won’t be discussing that.”

Cute story. I wonder if Jean Pierre would dismiss all of the outrageous claims made against Trump in various books the same way? We all know the answer to that question, NO she would not.