California Parents Could Lose Custody of Kids Over Gender Identity


California’s controversial AB 9557, which basically requires parents to affirm their child’s identity gender or face punishment, passed the state Senate on Tuesday.

The bill, entitled “Family Law: gender identification” bill, was passed by the California State Assembly on 3 May. However, radical state senator Scott Wiener added an amendment to the bill on 6 June that would change California’s standard for the well-being and safety of minors in order to “include the parent’s affirmation as part of their child’s health, safety, or welfare.”

The Assembly, which is heavily Democratic, will undoubtedly agree to the Senate’s amendments. It will then be sent to Governor Gavin Newsom, who is almost certain to sign it. He has been a strong advocate of gender politics in his time as California’s leader.

You could be charged with child abuse for refusing to call your son Jane and buying him dresses. If you refuse to bend your knee, authorities could remove your child.

California courts have the authority to remove a child if their parents do not approve of LGBTQ+ ideologies.

Schools, churches, hospitals, and other organizations that interact with children will be forced to confirm “gender changes” for minors by default, or risk being accused of child abuse.

Angry parents light up X, formerly Twitter:

It’s not only parents who are upset.

The single party in California that is ruling the state keeps on sending out the message, “Parents we hate you.”