Biden to Sign Executive Order on Background Checks and Red-Flag Laws at Site of LA Suburb Mass Shooting


According to NBC and other outlets, President Joe Biden will sign Tuesday an executive order to increase background checks when he visits the scene of a mass shooting that occurred in a Los Angeles suburb.

Fox News reported that the White House stated that this executive order would bring the United States closer to universal background checks without any additional legislation.

According to reports, a senior Biden administration official told reporters that “the news would result in fewer guns being sold without background checks and thus fewer guns ending up in the hands of felons or domestic abusers.” This was according to a Monday briefing call.

“I don’t think this will work in practice. … It is unlikely that President Biden will pass any of his gun control initiatives through Congress”, said Stephen Gutowski, co-founder of Reload.

“This administration also wants to make it harder for people selling used guns to get federal licenses, just like the Obama administration.” Gutowski stated that they are limited by the legal standards regarding who is considered to have ‘engaged the business’ of selling guns.

“It’s almost the same as an Obama executive order that sought tighter enforcement of gun dealer licensing requirements.”

Gutowski explained that President Biden’s prior executive orders were more substantive and also came under heavy scrutiny in court. Biden’s “ghostgun” ban has been blocked by a federal judge, and the pistol brace ban appears to be heading for the same fate.

Fox News reported that the executive order will expand the legal definition of “engaged in firearms business”, and encourage safe gun storage and red-flag laws.

According to reports, the order will direct Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg in consultation with the Department of Justice to “reduce loss or theft of firearms while shipping.”

According to Politico, Attorney General Merrick Garland will be directed by the order to close a loophole in background checks and clarify who is “engaged in selling firearms”.

Politico reported that the Bipartisan Safer Community Act, which was passed last summer, required anyone selling guns for profit to be licensed as well as to run background checks on potential buyers.

According to the outlet, Biden will announce the executive order at the Boys & Girls Club West San Gabriel Valley in California. The president will also meet families and communities affected by the massacre at Monterey Park in January, which left 11 people dead and nine others injured.