Biden Urged to Seize Texas National Guard as Joe Manchin Declares National Emergency


Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-TX, called on President Biden Wednesday to “seize”, or take control of, the Texas National Guard, by calling them into Federal Service and removing them under the command of the State of Texas. This is likely in response to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s defiant attitude towards the Biden Administration regarding the closing of the border.

A Texas congressman has asked President Biden to place the state’s National Guard in federal control if Republican Governor Greg Abbott refuses to obey a Supreme Court decision allowing federal agents the ability to remove razor wire from a section along the U.S. Mexico border.

Joaquin Castro, Democratic Representative, made the call after Abbott posted a message on X (formerly Twitter) saying that the Texas National Guard will continue to “hold the line” in Eagle’s Pass, a popular migrant border crossing point. He stated: “Texas won’t backdown from our efforts in Biden’s absence to secure the Border.”

Castro re-shared Abbott’s post on his X account and added: “Governor Greg Abbott uses the Texas National Guard to obstruct the border and create chaos.

The Biden Administration has not taken any action as of the date this article was written.

Rep. Castro’s idea raises some interesting issues.

1. What would the Texas National Guard’s orders be if the President activated them under Title 10? To help federal officers throw open the gates?

2. What happens if Texas National Guard members refuse to activate and continue to obey the orders of TX ANG officers and Governor Abbott instead?

3. What if the Texas Guard splits and old comrades find themselves facing each other across the red line?

4. How willing will they be to face other Americans if the Pentagon sends federal soldiers to continue the invasion of the nation?

5. Can there be a conflict between Texas officials and federal officials?

Civil wars are often started by this kind of conspiracy theory.

Joe Manchin, a Senator from West Virginia and possible candidate for the No-Labels presidential nomination, is advocating a different course of action, advising President Biden that he declare a state of emergency in response to the illegal immigration crisis.

Manchin said to Newsweek that “the President has a duty and obligation” to declare an emergency if Congress is unable, due to politics, to reach a compromise. “The border crisis is the biggest we are facing right now.”

Declaring an emergency national gives the president power not usually granted to his office. This includes the ability to authorize military construction projects, sign contracts for national defense, and send troops to coordinate relief efforts.

Biden’s administration is unlikely to declare an emergency over the illegal invasion along the southern border. This administration has been denying the existence of such a situation for three years. The fact that neither party appears to be considering a retreat is another factor.

The situation is getting worse by the minute. The Constitution is on Governor Abbott’s side. The Biden Administration has failed to fulfill its constitutional duty by failing to protect the border states from invasion. Texas has had enough. Governor Abbott claims that he is supported by the Constitution’s Article I, SS 10 Clause 3 and that the plain language in that section supports his claim. One can hardly argue that 6 million illegal immigrants entering our country from January 2021 are anything but an invasion.

The Biden camp may soon be taught a lesson in the old saying “Don’t mess with Texas.”