California’s Bizarre Justice: Woman Who Fatally Stabbed Date 108 Times Receives Just 100 Hours of Community Service


I am a Californian and often write about the crime problem in California, which is largely due to disastrous progressive policies such as Proposition 47 –which reduced a number of crimes from felonies into misdemeanors –and George Soros-backed district attorney George Gascon.

Even I was shocked when I learned about the decision of this judge in Ventura County.

Bryn Spejcher (now 33) was high on marijuana when she stabbed her husband over 100 times, then her dog, before slashing herself. Yet, the defense experts determined that Bryn suffered from “cannabis-induced psychosis,” a conclusion with which even the judge agreed.

This is absolute madness. This is bat guano madness.

Details are amazing:

Spejcher, despite consuming only a single standard pot leaf, was thrown into a rage and stabbed the 26-year-old accountant 108 times.

Lawyers for Spejcher argued that her drunken state meant she was not responsible for the bloody killing.

Ventura County District Attorney initially charged Spejcher with manslaughter. However, a new DA reduced the charge to involuntary murder. [Emphasis mine.]

The lesser charge had a maximum of five years.

Ventura County Superior Court judge David Worley, however, declined to impose jail time and instead opted for two years probation with community service.

California is not only a sanctuary but also a state with no consequences.

This is BS and a sign that the Golden State has declined. You can’t claim that you had a psychosis because you were drunk. What if you get high and go crazy? Meh, it’s not that big a deal.

Imagine if a weirdo got high and then did this to a lady. Would he get community service for that?

Many people ask why crime has become so prevalent. Too many Americans have lost their way because of progressive DAs and terrible laws such as Prop 47.

Sean O’Melia is a larger person than me. This heartbreaking interview shows him saying he would forgive the killer of his son if she took responsibility.

O’Melia, however, was outraged at the ruling of the judge and the message that it sent to the society as a whole:

He said, “She got a pass to murder.” “I will say it without hesitation. The judge was biased throughout the entire case. He proved it by this sentence.”

He said, “My son didn’t do anything to that girl.” He showed her nothing but kindness. She asked for it …”

He said, “We are just so angry and disappointed.” “There was no justice in this case …”

He said, “That judge gave everyone in the state a license to kill.”

That’s the main point. It’s not your fault if you take drugs and commit a crime. This kind of thinking has caused more than 818,000 Californians, between 2021-2022, to leave the state. It is also the reason that businesses such as Tesla, Oracle Boingo McAfee Chevron Hewlett Packard Enterprise Fico, and hundreds of others have left for safer pastures.

You can now commit cold-blooded killings for almost no cost.

This story will be largely ignored by the mainstream media because it does not fit into their narrative. Big Tech will do its best to censor anyone who does cover the story, as that is what they do.