Biden Washes His Hands of Gas Prices Now That They’re Going Back Up


The White House wanted to convince the nation that the prolonged fall in gas prices was due to Joe Biden’s policies.

However, it is clear that gas prices have risen again.

Biden isn’t going to accept the blame for gas prices rising again after taking credit for their fall for months. Biden preemptively blamed Big Oil last week for the rise in gas prices by claiming that executives at gas companies might be engaging in price gouging due to Hurricane Ian.

Biden stated, “I would like to add one warning to the oil- and gas industry executives, Hurrican Ian should not be used as an excuse to increase gasoline prices or gouge Americans.”

FOX News Digital was informed by Phil Flynn (a FOX Business contributor) that Biden is playing politics in relation to gas prices.

He said that “the president is playing politics” and that a storm can have an impact on gasoline prices. However, this does not mean that oil companies are manipulating the prices. He also pointed out that gas demand skyrockets right before major storms because people plan to evacuate their homes.

Flynn said, “Once more, here’s Biden accusing U.S. Energy companies of profiteering.” “It shows they either have a complete misunderstanding of the industry or total disrespect for it.”

Another point that must be noted is that gas prices had been trending upward before Hurricane Ian, so Biden is clearly using the hurricane as a cover to distance himself from the rising cost of gas.