Biden White House Agrees to Pay ‘Climate Reparations’ as an Exercise in Virtue Signaling


The US negotiators, and I use both terms in the most ironic possible way, agreed to pay “climateā€¯ reparations to “developing countries on Sunday. This was to punish Americans for their successes and reward a few extremely wealthy people who live there.

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt was the scene, as well as the annual meeting the 197 U.N. signatories. Framework Convention on Climate Change, also known as COP27. You can see the private jets that flew there to show how important it was.

According to the New York Times, this is how it was described.

The United Nations Climate Negotiations had been unable to reach a consensus on climate damage payments. This was a major breakthrough in resolving one of the most controversial issues. Since more than 30 years, developing countries have demanded loss and damage money. They asked rich industrialized nations to compensate for the devastating storms, heat waves, and droughts caused by global warming.

The United States and other wealthy nations had been resisting the idea for years, fearing that they might be legally held responsible for the climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions.

This article will give you a breathless, panty-moistening account of the destruction that a 1.5 degree Celsius increase in temperature will bring to the world for decades to come (aside from the fact the 1.5-degree number is completely fraudulent).

Let’s not forget to reread the last paragraph. It is impossible for any country to be held legally liable for “greenhouse gas emission” in any way. The second issue is standing before a US court. The third issue is that it seems unlikely that such a bullsh** judgment will ever be collected.

Pakistan was the leader of a group representing 134 developing countries pushing for damage and loss payments. This is a reminder of the devastating effects of climate change. Pakistan was hit hard by severe flooding this summer. Scientists believe that global warming contributed to the increase in deaths and $30 billion in damage. This is despite the fact that Pakistan contributes less then 1% of global warming emissions.

Other than Pakistan’s location in a region where heavy rains have been occurring regularly since the first human records were kept, what caused the flooding? Deforestation, social incompetence, and other factors. Although it might be easier to blame others for the disaster, the obvious and predictable consequences of Pakistan’s failing state status made the flooding inevitable.

John Kerry, U.S. climate ambassador, rejected the idea earlier in the month. “It is a well-known truth that the United States will not establish. . . a legal structure that is linked to liability or compensation. It’s not possible.” However, on Thursday Europe offered a deal to the U.S. and Kerry accepted.

Wealthy countries will now create a fund to pay for climate damage in the least developed countries, which is not China or middle income nations. The fund will be funded from “a wide donor base” and a “mosaic solution,” including international development banks, taxes on aviation, shipping, and fossil fuels.

Europe hopes that this will encourage poor countries to cut their emissions and meet the Paris target to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to preindustrial levels. Already, the world has warmed by 1.1 degrees. A U.N report last month predicted that temperatures would rise by 1.8 degrees even if Western nations meet their “net zero” goals.

China produces two-thirds as much CO2 as Europe and the United States combined. China’s 60% power generation comes from coal, and new coal plants will be approved through 2025. This is more than the entire U.S. fleet. China claims it requires more coal power to ensure energy security. And unlike the U.S. and Europe, it will not commit climate suicide.

This policy is stupid and ineffective, which was agreed upon by ignorant people who claim to represent the interests of our country. There is a slight chance that the money for this travesty will be appropriated by a new GOP Congressional Majority. It does however point to a bigger problem. This is a shameful act. If we decide to join them, it’s not possible to have pus-ah… I cannot say that here… John Kerry represents our interests and is focused on consensus.

If there is ever a Republican president, the first task of any new administration will be to find all bureaucrats involved in this scandal and to transfer them to a place that can not cause us any further harm.