Iran’s Ayatollah Praises Pro-Hamas Protests in the U.S. While Defending Jihadis


The supreme leader of Iran’s terror-sponsoring regime, who is also known as the Supreme Leader, took to Twitter/X to defend Hamas terrorists and to make false accusations against Israel. He also celebrated that American idiots agree with his pro-jihadist views.

Ayatollah Khamenei is fully sympathetic to the sentiments of students in New York, and other parts of the country, who are chanting Nazi-like slogans like “We are Hamas,” and “Kill all Zionists.”

Khamenei attempted to pretend that Israelis were the terrorists and not Palestinians. “We’ve faced harsh sanctions from the US and Europe for years. What is their purpose? They lie and say it’s because of human rights & nuclear weapons. They sanction Iran because it supports terrorism. What do they consider terrorism? Khamenei added, “The U.S., Europe, and Israel consider the Gazan people terrorists.” The people of Gaza are the terrorists, not a malicious, fake, usurping regime that has killed nearly 40,000 people, including thousands of children, in just six months.

Here are a few points. Anyone who kills whole families, rapes to death women, burns babies, and tortures civilians in such a brutal and violent manner as Hamas has done with the support of about three-fourths of Gazans, is a terrorist by definition. This is true regardless of which perverse cause they believe they are fighting for. Khamenei uses Hamas’s Gaza casualty figures, which are of course unreliable. Hamas, for example, will count teenage terrorists in their inflated and manipulated stats.

Israel was a nation for over a thousand years before Islam even existed. The so-called Palestinians, a group of Arabs that adopted the term in the 1960s are certainly not entitled to Israeli land. Israel gave land to the Arabs (including Gaza), in an attempt to appease them. It has always been a bad idea. The Arabs do not want their own country (which Jordan is already), they want to destroy Israel. Robert Spencer’s earlier article will give you more information on why Israel is not under “occupation.”

Khamenei’s antisemitism is not tempered by facts. The Zionist regime bulldozes and destroys someone’s home and farm to build a settlement. The Palestinian is defending his home, which has been taken from him by force. Is he a terrorist? He lied to Twitter, saying that the terrorist was the one who bombarded these people.

Khamenei boasted that many Americans, and others in the West, sympathize more with Gazans than Israel. “They ask, ‘Why do you support Palestine?’ today, the world supports Palestine. “People are supporting Palestine on the streets of Europe and Washington as well as in New York,” tweeted the terrorist-sponsoring dictator smugly.

One thing is clear: If you’re on the same page with Ayatollah Khomeini or the radical pro-Hamas American faculty and students, you are definitely on the wrong side.