Trump Skips Supreme Court, Surprises NYC Construction Workers


Former President Trump wanted a seat at the U.S. Supreme Court during arguments on presidential immunity. Former President Trump, who was facing unprecedented legal warfare, wanted to watch the justices debate the question of whether a president gets a pass for criminal conduct that occurred during his tenure.

Trump requested a day off to attend an argument at the New York City trial for the incomprehensible accounting case. The judge ordered him to sit and keep quiet, saying that his court is also a “very important thing.”

Trump did not go to Washington, D.C. to watch the arguments, so he did what he does best: he ran for office.

He stopped on the street in New York to speak to construction workers and passersby. He signed hats, and the crowd yelled “We love Trump!” USA! USA!”

He told a journalist that he would try to win New York’s election in 2024 this time. Trump has never won New York but he claimed that Joe Biden is so bad, that even a Republican could win.

Media sneers made fun of the President for sleeping in court during jury selection. This might wake him up.