BBC Issues Apology for False Reporting on J.K. Rowling’s Legal Troubles


The BBC corrected a report that said J.K. Rowling could be in trouble for her remarks about transgender people under Scotland’s hate crime laws.

In an article on Rowling’s controversy, BBC Scotland reported on April 2nd, that the Hate Crime and Public Order Act of 2021 would make “derogatory remarks” about transgender identities a crime under the law.

The BBC Scotland article stated that “The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland 2021) Act, which came into effect on Monday makes it a crime to make derogatory remarks based on disability or religion. It also criminalizes comments made based on sexual orientation, intersex, transgender, or gender identity.”

BBC corrected the article on its website. It said it was “inaccurate,” and “should have referenced the Act.”

This line has now been changed to clarify the act, and it states: “The Hate Crime and Public Order Act (Scotland), 2021, makes it an offense to behave in a hostile or abusive way with the intent of stirring hatred’ based on disability, religion or sexual orientation. The Public Order Act of 1986 made it illegal to stir up hatred based on race, color, nationality, or ethnicity. This is now included under the new law.

The BBC’s online statement concluded, “We apologize for any confusion and have reminded all of our teams about the importance of accuracy.”

Rowling has been an outspoken critic of transgender-identifying people who she fiercely believes are infringing on women’s rights and spaces. Harry Potter’s author has recently gained international attention by criticizing a new Scottish law.

She wrote to X that “Scottish lawmakers appear to have placed a higher value on men’s feelings when they perform their idea of feminineness, however misogynistically and opportunistically,” than the rights and liberties of real women and girls.

Rowling published a thread on social media in April listing several biologically male criminals claiming to be transgender before being sentenced for committing various horrifying crimes. She expressed mock relief at the fact that their gender identity was being respected.

She later added, “Only kidding.” “All of the tweets mentioning women are men.”

Rowling also challenged the Scottish police to arrest her for calling “a man” a man.

Rowling’s comments, which she deemed “not criminal,” were not prosecuted by the police.

Rowling, in response to the ruling, said: “I trust that every woman in Scotland who wants to speak out for the importance and reality of biological sex is reassured by the announcement. I also trust that women of all backgrounds and financial means will be treated the same under the law.”