Biden Would Benefit Greatly If You Forgot About The Gas Prices


The White House was desperate to boast about last month’s year-end memo, and they did so by boasting about gas prices. According to the memo, the White House boasted that the “price at the pump has fallen nearly 10 cents from its peak and is continuing to fall.”

It was not mentioned in the memo that gas prices were about a dollar higher when Biden took office than they were at their peak in November. It did not mention that oil prices crashed in November because of fears of COVID-related lockdowns. So, he couldn’t even claim that the raid on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve contributed to the gas price falling.

The Biden White House accepted responsibility for the gas prices. It was a feat, they claimed. From that point, they took control of gas prices.

Guess what? The gas prices are rising again and are approaching seven-year highs.


What is the White House going to do now that they have claimed credit for rising gas prices? The White House will likely use the same rhetoric about “high gas prices being good” that they used last year.

Do you remember how Barack Obama’s investments in clean energy turned out?