Here’s Whats Going On With Those Free Biden COVID Tests


To address the omicron spike, the Biden administration sent all Americans COVID-19 free tests. The ordered COVID-19 tests have been delivered unless you live in an apartment. Those who live in colder parts of the country might also have their tests left out in cold. The COVID test should not be kept below 36 degrees F. Fox’s Bill Hemmer ordered four tests and noticed another peculiarity.

Hemmer, the co-host of America’s Newsroom, praised the federal government as well as the United States Postal Service for quickly sending the tests after he and other Americans requested them last week. He did however note that the tests were made in China when he reviewed the test package.
This makes perfect sense. While restricting travel within China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), sent Wuhan citizens all over the globe early in the pandemic. Two years later, Chinese businesses are reaping the benefits of the pandemic. Earlier this month, iHealth, which was the source of Hemmer’s test, received a $1.275 million contract from Army Contracting Command. Reuters reported the firm, a division of China‚Äôs Andon Health Limited signed a $120m contract from New York State Department of Health as well as a $148.3m contract from Massachusetts.

Hemmer claimed that the COVID kits he received were made by China. However, the Army announced that the work would be done in Sunnyvale (California). Fox Digital shared a screenshot that contradicts this statement. According to the box, the kits were made in China and manufactured for iHealth Labs Sunnyvale. It seems that iHealth Sunnyvale could only be responsible for the distribution and warehousing of rapid antigen test kits made in China.

Even scarier, iHealth offers much more than COVID testing. The company’s core business involves remote monitoring and coaching patients suffering from chronic diseases. Chinese companies are selling American patients and doctors medical data collection services.

iHealth has been awarded a contract by the government for COVID rapid testing. This follows reports that Chinese companies have collected genetic and other data about Americans.

BGI was another company that stepped in when COVID reached America’s shores. The company also approached Washington state in a form of “mask diplomacy”.

In March of last year, Washington was the scene of the first major coronavirus epidemic in the United States. BGI Group, the largest biotech company in the world, approached Washington with an appealing offer.

BGI wrote a touchingly personal letter to Governor to propose to help build and run COVID testing laboratories. BGI would quote “provide technical expertise,” “high throughput sequencers”, and even “make additional donors.”

A patient’s DNA will cover the swabs required for a COVID-PCR test. Bill Evania is a former CIA counterintelligence official and FBI counterintelligence officer. He warned about BGI’s offer that “Foreign power can collect, store, and exploit biometric data from covid tests.” Other intelligence officials also suspect BGI and iHealth fronts to China for collecting Americans’ genetic information.

BGI Group also provides prenatal genetic testing kits. The test has been taken by more than 8 million women around the world. BGI says it “stores, re-analyzes leftover blood samples and genetic information from prenatal tests.” Reuters reports the company has ties to China’s military. U.S. government advisors warned in March 2021 that BGI Group was building a large database of genomic data and then analyzing it using artificial intelligence. iHealth could try to use its government contract to increase patient monitoring systems.

It is amazing that the Army Contracting Command selected a Chinese company to win such a lucrative contract, given these obvious national security threats. Although competitive bidding is beneficial to the taxpayer, it’s also important to operate with common sense because China intentionally subsidizes the industries that the Chinese Communist Party wants. It is a shameful mistake to give a military unit that has a clear mission of collecting health data from Americans an advantage in the marketplace. This nation already produces far too many vital medications Americans depend on to keep them healthy.

The entire free program for testing is suspect. The rapid tests are not as effective in detecting the omicron virus variant. This could be because the virus builds up in the back of your throat, rather than the nasal passages. As the virus’s rates begin to fall, most Americans will receive them. The steep decline in South Africa’s omicron rates is already being seen in northeastern states. Why are we giving a Chinese company, contracts worth more than a billion dollars? This would be a great question.