Biden’s Astonishing Response to Bribery Allegation Raises Eyebrows


Joe Biden met with Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He had to use note cards just to greet Sunak and got confused as to the position of the prime minister. This raised new concerns about his ability to perform the job.

The White House then decided to ignore caution and asked him a few simple questions. He had, as usual, a list of questions that he approved, so the answers and questions may have been in front of him.

Even so, Joe was still Joe. He continued to put his foot in his mouth.

Biden was completely blanked on a part of the question that a reporter had just asked.

It is not true that he was reading from/referring to the cards at different points in the press conference.

He seemed to be unaware of the number of people in Africa.

They were trying to get him out but were able to get in two more questions. This is where things went awry.

That’s when Biden started getting disturbed and testy when he was questioned about corruption–specifically what Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) said about evidence that he sold out the country. A reporter asked: “Bribery accusations?” Congresswoman Nancy Mace claims that there is damning evidence contained in an FBI report proving you sold out your country. Biden’s answer was incredible.

Biden said “Where’s The Money?” and then called it a “bunch of malarkey”. His smirk is a sign that he believes he will not be held accountable.

My colleague said that it reminded her of the old “Where is the beef?” commercial.

RNC Research noted that the Republicans had the facts on the foreign money sent to the Bidens.

Biden has in the past lied, claiming that his son Hunter had never received any money from China, when in fact, he had, as the House Oversight Committee’s bank records showed.

Biden has denied this and has continued to insist that he never spoke to his son about the business. This is another obvious lie.

Biden said that he has never, ever, suggested to the Justice Department how to proceed or not with charges. “I have never, never, never, once” suggested anything.

Biden pounded the podium to emphasize his claim.

This reminds me of Bill Clinton and his Monica Lewinsky remarks, where he claimed he had never told anyone to Lie, “not once; never”. I think these guys protest way too much. Joe Biden is not only dishonest but also a pathological liar. If we ever hope to restore the rule of law, Comer and the Oversight Committee must hold him accountable.