Trump’s Lawyer Drops Bombshell: No Indictment, but Reveals Startling Summons and Charges


As previously reported, Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, announced on Truth Social his indictment in a Department of Justice investigation regarding documents confiscated from his Mar-a-Lago home last August. Trump announced that he received a summons for him to appear at the federal courthouse of Miami on Wednesday, June 13, at 3 pm EST.

It comes only days after Trump’s team of attorneys met with DOJ representatives at DOJ headquarters in the morning on Monday. The meeting was estimated to last 90 minutes, according to reports. After his meeting with his attorneys John Rowley and James Trusty as well as Lindsey Halligan, Trump expressed his disbelief via social media. He warned his audience of his impending incitement.

Even Democrat Senators are surprised that DOJ can charge me when I did nothing wrong. No other presidents have been charged. Joe Biden will not be charged with anything. Clinton also had documents and won the case in court. Crooked Hillary deleted over 33,000 emails – many of which were classified – and was not even close to facing charges! Only Trump is the most virulent witch hunt in history!

Trump responded to the social media post on Monday with a message in three parts, claiming his lawyers had received information that Trump was being charged. Jim Trusty, Trump’s lawyer, has confirmed that his legal team doesn’t have an indictment. Instead, they have a summons referencing several charges.

There are several obstruction charges, a False Statement charge, an Espionage Act, and a Conspiracy Charge.

Social media has been used to report the following:

BREAKING: Trump attorney Jim Trusty tells Kaitlan Collins that they don’t have an indictment but received a summons from DOJ via email which refers to charges such as:

1. Espionage Act Charge

2. Multiple Obstruction Charges

3. False statements charges

4. Conspiracy Charge

As soon as we have more information, we will let you know.