Biden’s Brain Appears to Misfire During NATO Presser


As expected, President Joe Biden’s latest European trip, which included attending various NATO meetings, went as smoothly as one could expect.

The White House claimed that the president was “fatigued” from his apparently extremely demanding schedule of the previous four days. Biden was actually at the beach when he boarded Air Force One for his trip overseas. We all wish we were so tired.

The next day it became clear why he missed the dinner. Biden was constantly ushered by other NATO leaders. He seemed to be confused about what to do and where to go. Later, the President addressed Volodymyr Zelensky by mistake as “Vladimir.”

Then it was on to Finland. Things didn’t get any better. Biden had a list of reporters he wanted to speak to when it came time to give a press conference.

He only took two questions in the end. One of them was a question from CNN reporter Arlette Sáenz, which was framed in a ridiculous way.

It is not Republicans that are trying to link abortion with defense spending. The Democrats are pushing through funding initiatives to fund abortions as part of NDAA. CNN is wrong to portray this as the GOP bringing the culture wars to national defense when what they really want is an NDAA without any funding for abortion.

You didn’t click this article because you wanted to hear me complain about the underhandedness of the press. You clicked on the article because it promised what you were looking for. You can rest assured that it did happen.

You quote…

You can tell it’s forties when I’m thinking about home. The daughter of Ireland is a good example.

How many times must I tell Biden’s handlers that he should not be allowed to announce people at various events? It’s never a good time. He’s not mentally able to introduce people. The guy always gets upset and ends up saying something completely incoherent. This is even when he doesn’t want to introduce someone who died a month ago.

Why even bother to put pressure on him? You’re asking an 80-year-old man who is clearly senile to read a piece of paper. It seems that we should be expecting a US President to be able to do this.

While the whole purpose of the European trip was to strengthen NATO and intimidate its enemies, how much is that actually happening when this is the performance Biden delivers on the global stage? China and Russia don’t see resolve in all of these public failures. They see weakness. This is evident by the increased aggression of these nations.