Biden’s Candid Revelation: The Real Reason Behind Choosing Kamala Harris


You already know. Everyone knows. It’s a fact. Joe Biden publicly acknowledged it.

Biden and Kamala were spotted together at Girard College in Philadelphia on Wednesday, launching “Black Voters For Biden Harris,” a program aimed at increasing support among black voters. According to polls, Donald Trump has gained more support among this traditionally Democrat group.

Biden is likely to lose the election if he does not win Pennsylvania.

Let’s get racial.

Biden’s DEI policy has had such disastrous results that businesses, schools, and states have dropped them.

He said: “To my mind, diversity, equal opportunity, and inclusion are not just a joke, but the core strengths of America. “I’m proud that our government is the most diverse in history. It taps into the talent of the entire nation. It all begins with the vice president.”

Imagine Harris hearing Biden tell her that she was hired because of her diversity. Of course, this is nothing new. Biden promised to choose a woman as his running mate and has admitted to selecting people for his administration, judiciary, and other positions solely on the basis of race and gender.

He declared: “On Memorial Day, I stood proudly alongside a man of colour — of the highest rank, the first African secretary of defense, second black chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff and black women leaders of military units who are overseeing the most diverse and strong fighting force in history.”

In the Biden administration, a number of people were selected based on their race or gender rather than qualifications.

Buttigieg, as Transportation Secretary could have brought LGBT representation into Biden’s Cabinet – and enough incompetence to let us know who the Transportation Secretary is. Biden prioritizes identity politics so much that he chose Richard “Rachel Levine”, as Assistant Secretary of Health despite scandals in Pennsylvania over his COVID-19 policy.

Biden didn’t even try to hide the fact that he chose Ketanji for the Supreme Court based on both her race and gender. Karine was widely criticized by the White House Press Office for her poor performance, but her position is still at the podium because she is a black lesbian.

We haven’t criticized Biden’s affirmative action policies in a while, so to hear him admit it as he attempts to win back African-American voters is a huge deal.