Governors Take Bold Stand Against Coerced Abortion and Teen Trafficking Scandal


After Roe v. Wade was overturned, several Republican states took steps to protect unborn babies by restricting abortion or banning the practice. Unfortunately, leftists who are pro-death have been caught forcing women to take abortion pills or trafficking teenagers across state borders to get abortions without parental consent. Just recently, two Republican governors signed legislation to address this outrageous behavior.

Tennessee and Louisiana governors have just passed legislation criminalizing coerced or non-parental trafficking of underage mothers for abortions across state borders. Andrew Bailey, the attorney general of Missouri had previously sued Planned Parenthood for a similar reported trafficking in minors to obtain an abortion.

Abortion, whether chemical or surgical, not only causes the unborn baby to die brutally and horrifically but also traumatizes mothers. Abortion is a sinister act that only the most evil people would do. They will transport underage girls across state borders to kill their unborn babies. Sometimes, they even do this without parental consent.

LifeNews reported that Tennessee’s House of Representatives and Senate passed legislation easily to criminalize recruiting, housing, or transporting minors to obtain abortions or abortion chemicals, without parental consent. Bill Lee, the Republican Governor of Tennessee, has just signed this legislation into law. According to LifeNews the lawmakers framed the bill as a parental permission bill to prevent teens being transported out of state for dangerous procedures and chemicals without their consent.

Will Brewer, Tennessee Right to Life’s lobbyist, was quoted by LifeNews as praising the new legislation. “The Underage Abortion Trafficking Act has been a great victory for Tennessee parents. This law will protect young girls against predators and the abortion industry who exploit young girls to make money.

According to LifeNews, violating the new law is a misdemeanor of Class A, with a mandatory prison sentence of 11 months, 29 days and civil liability. This will all be effective as of July 1st. Planned Parenthood and abortion clinic workers confessed on camera that they had secretly performed abortions in other states without parental consent.

Louisiana’s Legislature also passed the Abortion by Fraud Criminalization Act. Jeff Landry signed the law. The law in this case is designed to prevent coerced abortions of women’s children, and specifically aims to protect minors from predators. LifeNews clarified that the law criminalizes not the abortion pill, but the use of the pill by a woman under coercion who has not consented for an abortion.

The bill quoted by the outlet reads: “A person who knowingly and deliberately uses or attempts to use an abortion-inducing medication on a pregnant women, without her consent or knowledge, commits coerced criminal abortion.”

Sarah Zagorski explains the purpose of SB 276: “The intent of SB 276 was to stop the abortion industries from profiting of the abuse and trafficking vulnerable women by their flagrantly unlawful distribution of pills.”

It would be great if more governors took the time to protect minors and women who are vulnerable from those who might exploit them, forcing or coercing their unborn babies into death.