Biden’s Comment About His Parents’ Bedroom Leaves People Scratching Their Heads


My colleague wrote about Joe Biden’s struggle with the teleprompter on Thursday, as well as the podium and the truth. Biden had to face a whole new set of challenges on Friday.

He made remarks about Americans’ costs. This was a bad idea from the start, as so many costs increased under Biden. If he wanted to convince us of his achievements, then he lacks credibility.

He had another issue once he began speaking. Biden’s microphone started to make strange feedback noises when he leaned in close.

Noise warning

Biden apologized. All this would make you think that this is a comedy act. It’s funny, but it’s part of the ongoing problem of Biden’s incoherence and lack of competence that we see day after day.

Biden has continued to contradict the facts. He claimed that he had “created” thirteen million new jobs. He didn’t “create” jobs by having people return to work following the pandemic. He repeated that “he has reduced the deficit by $1.7 trillion over the first two-year period,” for which he received a “bottomless Pinocchio from the Washington Post.”

He did it again, that strange whispering thing that he does.

This clip, I believe, was his most bizarre comment. Joe’s comments are often difficult to understand, and sometimes it’s unclear if he even knows what he is saying. In this case, he sounds like he is talking about his parents having sexual relations through the closet.

He began by talking about sleeping in a bunk bed room with his brothers Jim and Frank. His sister, “the Princess,” then had her own bedroom, as she “should have”; he said that there was a wardrobe in the hallway and that the headboard of his parents was located against the wall. “Every once in a while…you heard…you heard…a kind of restlessness.”

Why does this man talk about the headboard of his parents? Does he mean that they had sex with each other? Listening to your parents is disgusting. It’s weird to talk about it. Why would he mention it and include it in his remarks?

Jill Biden, his family, and the campaign could stop this if they just pulled him out of it and let him go like he should have done in 2020. We are still getting closer to an election with scandal after controversy surfacing. His team is clueless and gives us gas about something as simple as the location of a baggie containing cocaine. The administration is in a state of confusion because everything flows from the top. When the man at the top is so troubled, it’s impossible to run an administration.