Clyburn’s Latest Excuse for Biden’s Poll Numbers Will Make Your Head Spin


It would be an understatement to say that Joe Biden’s presidency is a hot mess. Faced with a growing number of problems, including congressional investigations, the embattled President and the Democrat Party continue slathering lipstick on the pig in record time. But guess what? Yes, it’s still a pig.

Joe “The Buck Stops Everywhere Else but Here” Biden has blamed everyone but himself for his multitude of crises— most of them intentionally created. Welp, James Clyburn, South Carolina Democrat Congressman and co-chair of the 2024 Biden Campaign, just stepped up to the plate and said, “Hold my beer.”

According to a recent survey, Bidenomics is the main reason why more than 74% of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. This includes the Biden border crisis. Buck Passin’ Joe blamed the Republican Party, the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, and the illegal alien invasion in America for his record high inflation. Gas prices have also risen dramatically since he took office.

Clyburn offered yet another absurd excuse on Thursday’s “CNN This Morning” for the harm done to America by Team Biden through its policies, actions, and inactions.

The mood of the people was pretty bad during this pandemic. We haven’t spent enough time highlighting the positives of today.

COVID, still? Please. Clyburn, in an incredible move, referred to Biden’s failed policies on the economy as “positives.”

One problem.

The “sour mood,” excuse of the South Carolina Democrat was both elitist and laughable, given that three-fourths (74%) of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Clyburn, in effect, suggests that more than seven in 10 Americans are too stupid to realize how good they have it under the sterling leadership of a president who’s more concerned with “gender-affirming care,” “proper use of pronouns,” and “white supremacy”– the number-one “existential threat” to America, Biden claims, in his mental-acuity-challenged mind.

The hyperpartisan Democrat continues:

I was the co-chair – or chair – of the COVID-19 Committee and the mood of people during the pandemic was pretty bad. We’re still trying to recover. We left an administration that spent nothing on infrastructure but talked about it every day. Joe Biden’s infrastructure program is just now beginning to be felt by the public.

As we continue, I believe that people will begin to see the link. It’s for that reason he is here today to discuss what his infrastructure program did for the country and for South Carolina. I believe people will see the results in the next few months.

Clyburn, like Biden, was also trying to sell his “bet on it” schtick. He suggested that “as time goes on, people will begin to see the connection.”

It’s not a nitpick but, the worst president of modern history at least has been in power for 29 months. The question is: Where is the beef? The border crisis is not abating, and in June the rate of job growth slowed, with new payrolls coming in below expectations. Inflation is still high, and wages aren’t keeping up with the price increases.

Parents Defending Education reported that a national 2021 U.S. Education Culture survey found “Americans overwhelmingly rejected ‘woke’ policies on race and gender in K-12 education.” This also contributed to a belief among a large majority of voters, that Joe Biden’s America was headed down the wrong path.

Is it any surprise that seven out of ten Americans are against Joe Biden? Add to this his age, his declining mental health, the numerous Biden Family business scandals, and the adventures of his wayward son Hunter Biden. Hell no.