Biden’s Comments to the Little Kids in Ireland Were Even Weirder Than We Thought


Biden spoke with children during one of his stops in Ireland.

We noticed that one of the children asked Biden about “steps towards success.” Hunter was called in to help Joe because he couldn’t understand what the child was asking.

Biden’s response? Biden’s response?

Hunter had to explain to the child what he was asking, “key to success.” But even then, Biden made an odd comment: “Whenever you disagree, it’s okay for them to question their judgement, whether they are right or wrong, and it’s never okay not to question their motive.”

Now that we have the transcript, we see that the interaction was much more bizarre than we imagined. Hunter also had to correct Hunter multiple times.

This Politico guy points out that stenographers are often the ones who must transcribe the ramblings of old Joe. Because it’s not an easy job, they deserve hazard compensation.

Before the kid asked about success, there was a little weirdness about young girls.

By the way, all the parents, thank you for your support. Everyone thinks that working in an embassy is glamorous back home. I don’t think you want to be there the day you get to walk home from work and tell your child, 13 years old, that you’re not going to the same school. You also need to end the relationship with the girl you loved and the boy you loved. You won’t be around.

What? It’s an extension of the “don’t allow your daughter to date until she’s 30” thing he does sometimes. It comes across as babbling, and he is always strangely obsessed with little girls dating.

After making the comment to Hunter that it was never okay to question their motive, he continued to tell a lengthy story about Sen. Jesse Helms (R–NC). It’s all here in the tweet by the Politico guy. But it’s really bizarre and Hunter’s face can be seen here. He’s like “Oh, my!”

Joe had to be corrected by Hunter about the state Helms was from.

Biden tried to distance from Helms, who he said was “not very crazy about African Americans”. However, Biden had previously worked with Helms to anti-busing legislation. He’s not being truthful about that relationship and what it means for him.

Biden claimed that Helms was the reason for the disagreement he had with him when he turned 32. The ADA was first introduced in 1988. Biden was 32 years old in 1974. This means that he was 14 years behind the times. Once again, you get a story Biden is telling kids about that has a point that it never gets. But it couldn’t have happened the way he claims. It’s fantasy land.

Why would you tell such a bizarre story to children? It’s not even clear to children, let alone adults. Biden also demonizes his opponents constantly, so even if his goal was to learn from your opponents and work with them, that’s a failure.

It seems like the children realized that he was talking about something crazy, and tried to change to simple questions for Joe.

Hunter, or someone else, had the good sense to attempt to distract him from the children and their questions. Hunter must tell Hunter that he is supposed to be “ropelining” — greeting people and shaking hands.