Target Security Punches Woman in the Face After She Demands Reparations from Employees


A white security guard at a Target was caught on video punching a black woman in the face after she asked for reparations from employees.

This is the “sexy description” of the incident. The story is not complete without surprise.

The security video was taken at Target Blue Ash, Ohio last October. Karen Ivery, a customer, went to the cashier with $1000 worth of groceries. Karen Ivery asked the cashier for a manager and said she wanted to discuss her grocery bill. The store offered to pay it back as “reparations”.

The New York Post reviewed the police reports. It shows that Ivery, the cashier, claimed that Ivery “brought forth reparations several times” during their brief encounter.

According to the report, the customer asked first for reparations, then became angry and began walking “aggressively” toward the manager when she spoke with the manager.

The report claims that Ivery continued to berate her about reparations, and her privileged lifestyle, as the patron continued walking toward the manager.

Zach Cotter, a loss prevention officer, eventually intervened and asked Ivery to leave the store. The disgruntled woman then turned on Cotter and began screaming at him, before following him to his office. The Daily Mail posted the video. Cotter is seen trying to close the door behind himself and entering his office. Then, Ivery can be seen pushing open the door and confronting Cotter.

This is when Cotter (28), punches Ivery (37), in the face. The woman’s head flies back and she immediately falls to the ground.

A bodycam video from an officer on the scene shows Mr. Cotter saying: “I told her to back up or leave. She began charging at me.

“I came all the way back to my office, into an enclosed area, and hit her in the forehead. It’s all recorded on video.

Ms. Ivery answered that she was fine physically after being asked by the officer if she was OK. Emotionally, I’m very, very angry.

Ivery went on to claim she was simply trying to prompt a “larger conversation” about reparations with the manager. Oddly, no one in Target that day seemed keen to engage in a “larger conversation” about a controversial political issue while they were stocking up on toilet paper.

She later answers an officer’s question about the incident on a bodycam video.

Ivery told police this was her “Rosa Parks moment.” However, police say it was obvious from the security footage that “Ivery was the aggressor.”

The woman was placed in confinement for 24 hours and was fined $110 by the court for disorderly conduct.

Target apparently didn’t find Ms. Ivery’s argument about grocery reparations moving. Karen wanted to speak with the manager…but instead, she spoke to the hand.