Biden’s Cross-Dressing Dress Thief Lands a Controversial Sweetheart Deal


Sam Brinton, Biden’s creepy, mustachioed, transvestite, from Transexual Transylvania – and former nuclear waste disposal expert – who was convicted of stealing women’s luggage at airports across the country, has been sentenced to two years in federal prison.

Kidding! This was Paula Harlow who is 75 years old and lives in a wheelchair. Harlow was sentenced for blocking the doorway of an abortion clinic. Harlow’s 74-year-old sister received the same sentence.

The Free Beacon reports that Brinton was given a privileged wrist and will not spend a single night on the gallows.

The feds dropped Brinton’s charge of felony grand theft, which could have sent him to jail for 20 years. Instead, they reduced it to a lesser offense: petit larceny.

Brinton’s “punishments” include the following:

  • Brinton must sign up for a diversion program for adults.
  • He needs to be treated for mental illness
  • The man is required to perform 50 hours of community service by helping the elderly;
  • He should also apologize to the victims of his theft.

Brinton has been convicted three times of stealing luggage from real women.

Brinton is part of a drag queen troupe called

“Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.” You might remember them as needy men dressed as nuns who made a hapless attempt to annoy Catholics. Brinton’s drag is “Sister Ray Dee O’active” even though he no longer works for the federal government in the capacity of nuclear waste master-blaster. Clinton Monroe Ellis Gilmore, another member of the troupe, was arrested after publicly “arm-wrestling Mr. Richard,” to use my phrase.

Asya Khamisin, a Tanzanian fashion designer, was one of Brinton’s victims. In the photo, Brinton is wearing a dress that Khamsin designed, wore and Brinton redistributed.

Brinton was smart enough, according to Brinton, to manage nuclear waste. But he was also foolish enough to share pictures on social media of him wearing the filched clothes.

He and Khamsin reached an agreement in civil court that required him to write yet another letter of apology for being a theft, as well as a financial settlement which was not disclosed.

In a press release, Khamsin’s lawyer said that Mr. Brinton apologized to Asya Khamsin and Asya Khamsin had forgiven him. Asya Khamsin decided not to release Mr. Brinton’s apology letter because she found it to be very personal, sensitive, heartfelt, and sincere.

But wait, there’s more. The statement then went “woke.”

Khamsin’s lawyer added, “Asya Khamsin sincerely hopes that the example that she and Mr. Brinton set in terms of reconciliation will encourage tolerance and coexistence among Americans.” “Especially in this period of public tension.” Asya Khamsin is wishing Mr. Brinton the best.

The attorney’s statement was not immediately clear. Was he referring to “tolerance” and the coexistence of luggage-stealing thieves or balding, attention-starved men in dresses?

I predict that trans people in the United States enjoy more “privileges” than any other group. You can read my article and make your own decision.

Khamsin gave Brinton a dollar when she saw photos of him wearing Khamsin’s clothes at public events. Vanity Fair once praised Brinton for his fashion panache, when he wore a dress designed by Khamsin that he swiped.

Brinton or his lawyer refused to comment on the sentence. Brinton’s alleged “husband” told Free Beacon reporters to “go away.”