Trump’s Unconventional Tactics Drive Mainstream Media Crazy Amid Democrat Chaos Over Biden


Donald Trump’s criticism of Joe Biden has been relentless over the years. This is partly because Biden is a political opponent and also because Trump appears to not like him.

Who could blame him?

The criticism intensified, and Trump used every tool available, including his Truth Social social media platform, to drive home his message that the Biden family was corrupt, especially Joe.

Trump has been criticized by some, including those on the right, for not having a filter. They say that at times he could have laid low and allowed a situation to play out naturally but he won’t.

Trump, like many public figures of the right, has not shown much interest in the philosophy that “silence can be golden”. This is partly because it’s his nature, but also because he knows that if he does not make a fuss, no one else will.

The media and left have stopped discussing Biden’s cognitive health since the spring of 2020 when their “rallying around Biden” campaign took shape.

With Biden’s disastrous performance in the Thursday debate, along with the Democrat implosions, the donor panics, and the media recriminations all taking center stage, one would assume that Trump would take a victory walk, claiming “Toldjah!” right?

He isn’t doing it.

The bulk of Biden’s Truth Social account, aside from a few posts and reposts on his awful performance and the implications it, has focused on the SCOTUS Immunity ruling and other issues related to the left’s lawfare campaign against him.

Trump is using a tactic that is unusual for him, but is gaining praise:

As you can imagine, this is what drives the mainstream media nuts (language warning).

It’s fascinating to watch his discipline after the debate. He could have gone nuclear on Biden, but he didn’t because he doesn’t see the point.

This brings to mind the old saying that you should never interrupt your opponent when they’re in free fall. This is one of the underrated political tactics out there. It has been fascinating to watch, whether intentionally or not, as we approach the Democratic National Convention which promises to be a barnburner.

Consider this: Despite all the talk from the media and left about GOP infighting, and Trump being like a bull at a china store, the Republican National Convention will be rather calm and orderly, in comparison to how the DNC is likely to be overly agitated by the Biden issue.

This is a story that has been turned on its head in a way you could not imagine. You’ve got to love it.