Biden’s Excuse for Not Knowing About Russian Plane Crash Is Laughable


Joe Biden, America’s 46th President, is a serial liar. His lies range from tall tales of “Corn Pop”, to the death of his son Beau in Iraq and his denials that he was involved in Hunter’s business deals.

Biden’s lies can be so unbelievable, that they are just too funny to ignore. The 80-year-old president, who is a bit senile, told a lie of this kind on Wednesday.

You would have had to live under a stone not to know that on Wednesday, Yevgeny Prgozhin of the Wagner Group, whose forces had challenged Vladimir Putin’s rule just months before, was killed by a plane crash near Moscow, which also claimed 10 lives.

Apparently, Joe Biden was living under one such rock. Au contraire, Joe told the gathered media.

Our fearless leader, on the other hand, was unaware of Prigozhin’s controversial death because he… waited for it… was “working out”, for no less than an hour and a quarter.

One “X” user got it right:

He is too busy with his vacation to pay attention to world events. Working out means repeatedly putting ice cream in his mouth.

In this case, it seems that the “Leader” of the Free World was drinking iced tea.

As I said, the worst thing is that Biden seems to think the American public will buy his stupid crap or is too delusional not to see the absurdity of his excuses.

REPORTER: Mr. President, what is your reaction to the plane accident in Russia?

BIDEN: I don’t have enough knowledge to answer. “I’ve been exercising for an hour and a half.”

Really, Joe? Really?

If Biden really was “working out”, in the way an 80-year-old man would in such a physical condition, then more power to him. Please, given his physical state and the many lies he has told.

The video of Biden is in stark contrast, in my opinion (which I’m not so humble about), to someone of his age being capable of “working out” for 90 minutes.

“Oh, that’s a deep burn. Oh, it’s so deep. I’m so tired I can’t lift my arm. I don’t think you heard me count. “I did more than a thousand.”

Sorry, we are not buying it.

Biden’s 90-minute workout, as claimed by Biden in his post, was…

He looks like he has been sleeping for the past hour and a half.

Since Joe had a spring in his step, I would bet on the nap.

I was reminded by Jon Lovitz’s character on “Saturday Night Live”, who played Biden when he claimed to be totally out of touch with a major story of the day.

What was his name? Tommy Flanagan? Yeah, that’s the ticket.