Bob Iger’s Claims About Disney’s Product Quality Are Not Enough


It’s hard to tell if Disney CEO Bob Iger is willfully ignorant or just not as sly as he thinks he is.

Iger, however, says that he will turn the House Walt Built around that he is occupying with his ilk. Iger told Bounding Into Comics that he believes the problem is the amount of content released and the costs of each project. Or at least, that’s what Iger said during the 2023 third-quarter earnings call.

Iger explained that progress would not be always linear. “Despite near-term headwinds, I am incredibly confident in Disney’s long-term path because of the work that we’ve done and the team in place. And because Disney’s intellectual property is at the core of its business.”

He said, “I believe that three businesses will be the most important drivers of growth and value over the next five-year period.” Our film studios are linked inextricably to our brands and franchising.

Iger stated that the studios of the company, including Pixar and Lucasfilm as well as the Marvel Studios mentioned above, were “focused” on improving their films’ quality and economics. This included not only reducing the number but also the price per title.

Iger has some bad news. His frequent releases are just one of the issues. And while his cost per title is outrageously expensive and a problem Disney must address, none of these problems will matter if nobody wants to go to a Disney event in the first place.

Disney has burned too many bridges to its potential audience. The company has politicized so much that the majority of Americans dislike the United States. On top of that few people are interested in going to see a Disney film to be lectured at, or to watch another dull CGI-fest with stories written by activists, not storytellers.

Disney has demonstrated a disdainful attitude towards Americans and their values while adopting a bubble mentality centered around radical leftist values of social justice. They do not see their work as a creative product, but rather as a platform from which they can scream.

Walt is going to be in his grave soon, but as long as this pattern continues he doesn’t need to worry. Soon enough, his company will follow him to the grave. Iger does not seem to be interested in finding out the real reasons why his company is struggling.

I find it hard to believe that Iger does not see the cancer in the core of Disney. He knows what to do, but like Kylo Ren he doesn’t have the strength or will to get it done.

If he does not remove the radical leftist infiltration within Disney, the once-great Magical Kingdom may fall and its pieces will be sold to other companies. It would seem to me that this is the best thing for Disney’s future.

Once the power is taken away from those who abuse it, maybe products can be produced by people who care about it and do not have an agenda to push. Disney may rise from a small spark like a Phoenix, but Disney must suffer until then under the leadership and management of less capable people.