Biden’s Hypocrisy on Education Privilege Exposed


Last week, Democrats and leftists threw a temper tantrum when the Supreme Court ruled that affirmative action could no longer be used in college admissions. Joe Biden, President of the United States, blasted this decision by the Supreme Court and also mentioned “privilege” when he spoke. He said he was going to direct the Department of Education “to analyze what practices build inclusive and diverse student body, and what practices hinder that, like legacy admissions, that expand privilege rather than an opportunity.” Biden stated that “Today, in too many schools, only the wealthy and well-connected benefit from the current system.” For too long, the odds have been against working people. This statement is a classic example of the phrase “ok for me but no for you” and it’s a reminder that the Bidens excel at this game.

Joe Biden, who was always ranting about “privileges” in education, also benefited from them. Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed yet another secret and hypocrisy of the Biden family. Hunter Biden, among his many other activities in 2018, asked “Pop” to ask a few family members if they would be able to help Maisy get into the University of Pennsylvania. Maisy wasn’t the best student, but she had her heart set on UPenn. Maisy inquired about her application status two days after applying, despite the fact that thousands of others had applied. The thousands of other applicants didn’t share the grandfather of a former vice president of the United States. Joe and Hunter Biden didn’t waste any time, and they went straight to Amy Gutmann, the president of UPenn. Gutmann was a Democrat and her husband had contributed to Democrat campaigns. She also hired Joe Biden as a professor at UPenn.

Joe Biden and Amy Gutmann had a meeting in December 2018. Joe texted Hunter to tell him that he had “had a wonderful talk with Guttman”. But, it seemed that Gutmann still hadn’t caved in and Maisy’s grades remained an issue. Joe texted Hunter, saying that Maisy was still in contention for regular acceptance. But you must perform well in this class. It’s real. Hunter suggested Maisy take part in some extracurricular activities.

When you’re as good at gaining favor as the Bidens are, you don’t take chances. Joe Biden contacted UPenn’s Dean of Admissions to ask about the application of his granddaughter. Uncertainty surrounds the conversation but Joe Biden received a message that Gutmann was going to call him with the final decision on Maisy’s application. It is unclear whether Maisy Biden chose to work hard in her senior year to improve her grades or if her acceptance was because her last name is Biden. Joe Biden, along with other proud grandparents and parents were in the audience when Maisy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from UPenn four years later. If you’re good to the Bidens they will be good to you. Amy Gutmann was nominated by President Joe Biden as U.S. Ambassador to Germany in July 2021. Ambassador to Germany. If you’re not Navy Roberts Hunter’s granddaughter, then, by no fault of your own, she will never benefit from the influence of her father and grandfather or even have their last name.

In most Ivy League colleges in the United States, legacy admissions are a major factor. Logan Roberts was a senior student at Yale in 2022. He was a first-generation white student. Roberts led an organization that included other students. In October 2022, he drafted a Yale College Council Senate resolution opposing legacy preference. Roberts stated that students who have already a leg-up don’t require another one.

The majority of American college-bound students do not have the contact information of the president of their desired university readily available. Even if they had the number, they wouldn’t have a last name as recognizable as Biden. The Supreme Court’s decision has brought this practice under scrutiny. Will the well-connected people be smart and well-connected to take it underground?

Joe Biden and Democrats may want an end to the legacy college admissions system, but they are not against it themselves. They are only fighting for you.