Should We Be Concerned About France Burning More Than Canada?


After five nights of rioting, France experienced a relative calm following the death by police of Nahel Merzouck (17), a Muslim troubled with Algerian and Moroccan ancestry.

Around 10.3% of France’s population was born outside the country’s borders. Many are Muslims, mainly from North Africa and Asia. Banlieues are poor neighborhoods with a racially diverse population.

Merzouck was shot by police after he tried to flee during a traffic check.

Five nights of rioting by Muslims in France. The town halls were looted and hundreds of cars were torched. Schools and libraries were also burned.

A burning car was driven into the home of Vincent Jeanbrun, the mayor of L’Hay-les-Roses, as his wife and two young children were asleep inside. One of his children was injured and his wife broke her leg escaping the flames. She is expected to spend the next three months recovering.

The town’s police chief said, “People talk about war, but it’s riots to us.” The civil unrest is often referred to as “race riots.”

Zartoshte Bahtiari is the mayor of Neuilly sur-Marne and she told Newsweek that “I’m terribly shocked” by the events last night. She even went so far as calling the rioters “barbarians and barbarians.”

Rioters are alleged to have beaten up the leader of the “Angels of Peace” group, a pro-immigration group that advocates keeping refugees in France.

The sally-bois from Antifa are also involved in the violence, and the CNN jackpuddings have called the current violence “protests.”

Sunday evening was calmer with only 137 arrested across the country.

The administration of French President Macron has called on Muslim parents to keep their children indoors. The average age was 17 years. Some of the rioters were as young as 12 years old.

It’s not the responsibility of the police, gendarmerie, mayor, or state to deal with a 12-year-old who sets fire to a classroom. “It’s about parental authority,” Gerald Darmanin told reporters.

So far, hundreds of police officers have been injured and several thousand protestors arrested. A firefighter died while battling an enflamed car in a garage.

Macron canceled a planned trip to Germany to try to control the carnage.