Biden’s Ohio Ballot Woes Persist: State Democrats Sound Another Urgent Alarm


Frank LaRose, Ohio Secretary of State, warned on Tuesday that President Biden might not be on the ballot come Election Day.

Both LaRose’s office and state legislators have warned the Ohio Democratic Party for weeks that Biden will miss the deadline to file as a candidate. LaRose is a Republican and says the Democratic Party still hasn’t offered a solution in line with current law.

Biden’s troubles stem from Ohio’s requirement for parties to certify their candidates 90 days before Election Day. Biden won’t be certified by the Democratic Party until its convention in Wisconsin on August 19, only 75 days before Election Day.

“I have said that from here to Colorado, it is in the best interests of the voters to be able to choose a candidate for the presidency. As Ohio’s chief election officer, I am also obligated to follow the law,” LaRose stated in a Tuesday statement.


As things stand today, the Democratic Party presidential nominee won’t be on the Ohio ballot. It’s not my decision. The party created a conflict of law, but the party has not yet offered a legally acceptable remedy,” he said.

“The Ohio House Speaker said today that there will not be a legislative fix. I have sent a request to the Ohio Democrats’ Chair, asking for (again) an answer that respects voters and upholds the law. “I trust they’ll move quickly,” he concluded.

Ohio Democrats had previously argued Ohio could accept “provisional approval” of Biden’s campaign, but LaRose claims state law does not allow for such an allowance.

LaRose stated that either the state legislature must change the law to allow Biden to be certified, or the Democratic Party will need to alter its plans. Ohio House Speaker Jason Stephens is also a Republican and says that lawmakers will not bail out Biden.


Stephens, a reporter, said that the legislature “just doesn’t have the will” to take action.

When speaking to journalists on Tuesday, his Democratic counterpart, Ohio House minority leader Allison Russo had the same message.

She said, “We’ve witnessed the dysfunction in this place.” “I think we’ve seen how people haven’t been able to put aside hyper-partisanship and internal fighting At this point, I think you’re going to see some sort of party effect or maybe court action.”

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (another Republican) assured voters that Biden will be on the November ballot, arguing that the “court” would take over if the legislature does not act.

Ohio Democrats are yet to reply to LaRose’s letter of Tuesday.