Unforeseen Chaos Unfolds: CNN’s Cam’ron Interview on Diddy Takes Shocking Turn


I’m not certain what CNN was expecting when they invited Cam’ron, a rapper and podcaster (whose real name Cameron Giles is) to discuss Sean “Diddy Combs and that disgusting video that shows him allegedly slapping his former girlfriend Cassie Ventura. It’s unclear why they invited him to speak at all, as it does not sound like he is close to Combs. What did they expect he could contribute to the conversation? He may have known people close to Diddy but that doesn’t make him qualified to answer questions on the subject.

It’s safe to say that they weren’t expecting what they got. His response to their question was completely off-target.

Cam’ron began by saying that he opposed the violence in the video. The video shows Combs allegedly slapping his ex-girlfriend. It has gone viral due to how disgusting the video is. Many people have asked why it wasn’t released before, and why these issues are only being raised now.

Cam’ron was agitated by Abby Phillip, the anchorperson who continued to question him.

He was asked what he thought of Combs’ apology. He replied that it was not up to him whether he accepted it or rejected it, but up to Ventura as she was the alleged victim.

Phillip asked if anyone knew anything about Diddy’s treatment of his artists.

Then things went downhill. Cam’ron is seen gulping down something and explaining, “So, I’m going get some cheeks, after this horse-power drink.” What the hell did he say?

He’s telling you that he is about to have sex, and he has taken a sexual stimulant. You’re unlikely to see this on any other network soon. CNN deserves a pat on the back for breaking through new boundaries. Not.

Phillip asked if Diddy was being protected by many people. He lost his cool and asked, “Who is the talent agent of this joint?” You think I’m just sitting there watching Diddy do his thing… Who booked me for this movie?”

This is hilarious and insane at the same.

It was CNN that invited someone to comment on a topic he didn’t have any connection to. He wanted to promote his podcast and other things. It’s on them. This shows that they didn’t do their homework, and they were caught off guard when the guest asked why he was there. He certainly got some attention for his podcast and himself with this.