Biden’s Outlandish Claim About Fact-Checking and Puzzling Birthright Citizenship Remark


Joe Biden is doing more events and radio interviews for his campaign. This includes reaching out to more Hispanic and black audiences.

He tends to choose venues where the atmosphere is more welcoming, but that doesn’t stop him from saying things that are not true.

We reported Wednesday that Biden gave an interview to a Milwaukee radio show where he not only had difficulty finishing a sentence but also made a racist comment about black families who did not have books at home. In Arizona, he also wandered away from the podium when Cesar Chavez’s granddaughter spoke. He told them many tall tales regarding the economy.

He gave a radio interview to Univision on Monday that was broadcast on Tuesday. The falsehood he said was so obvious that it was unbelievable that he even attempted it.

“First, I am telling you the truth. I’m not joking.” You or the media have never fact-checked me! He then attacked Trump.

Is he serious? He lies as if he were breathing. He has told many falsehoods. From making up conversations between dead people to outright falsehoods such as this one, he’s done it all. This is not a stutter, it’s a way to try and deceive Americans. The press has fact-checked him numerous times, even though they are willing to do whatever it takes to promote him. Even they had to call out some of his most egregious lies.

Let me just point out a few fact-checks by the Washington Post.

Joe Biden, as we reported, kept repeating the false story that he had reduced the deficit by $1.7 billion so many times that the Washington Post gave it a “bottomless Pinocchio’ rating. It was that bad. He’s still saying it, which is a sign of how shameless/delirious he is. He also falsely stated that his son Hunter had not made any money in China when he debated former President Donald Trump back in 2020. Even the liberal media admitted that was false when Hunter, his son, said it in a private interview before Congress. The Washington Post was finally able to check his facts.

Biden’s false claim about fact-checks will hopefully be checked, as there are many other examples.

Biden has also a tendency to make up stories to appeal to the audience to whom he is speaking. When he speaks to truckers, he will make up a story about driving an 18-wheeler. He said something strange during the Univision Interview that showed he didn’t understand the issues.

Joe, this term is used in this context to describe people who were born in the United States to parents who are not citizens. You are a citizen because both of your parents were born here. Even if “birthright citizenship” was ended, you would still be one. Why are we having to explain this to him? How could he be so ignorant?

Biden says this to appease the Univision audience. He does not understand that Hispanic Americans also dislike illegal immigration. They are not happy with his failure at the border. He doesn’t know what people think.