Authorities Unable to Act, Illegal Alien Released on Gun Charges Shoots Transgender Illegal Alien


What does it take for the Biden Administration to deport an illegal immigrant?

This is where, if this was a speech rather than a column I would have a small note telling me to stop for laughter.

Let’s reduce our ambitions a little bit since deportation has been ruled out. Let’s instead ask what it would take to lock up an illegal alien for some time commensurate with the other things he or she has done wrong after crossing our southern border illegally. Remember President Joe Biden who effectively erased it?

Possession of illegal weapons? No way! This month, an Obama-appointed federal judge ruled that illegals could carry guns. The noncitizen possess statute, 18 U.S.C. SS 922 (g)(5) violates the Second Amendment when applied to Carbajal Flores” because Judge Sharon Coleman found a penumbra arising from the Second Amendment she liked.

Was he involved in the murder of a police officer? According to the Daily Mail, I don’t think this happens often. A Guatemalan illegal alien was released after being declared incompetent to face charges – “partly because of the language barrier.” As it turned out, Virgilio Aguilar Mendez did not even know how to say “don’t murder cops” in Spanish. He was released.

This next one should do the trick, right? You can’t hurt someone’s feelings by accident anymore. This is a group that has been marginalized and is growing rapidly. Shooting one multiple times is not allowed, right? Is it even worse when the transgender person in question belongs to another protected group like illegal aliens?

Yeah, no.

A transgender woman from Venezuela who had recently immigrated to the United States was waiting outside Little Village Nightclub for a ride when a driver stopped and said something ominous in Spanish.

He allegedly called her “Bad Gay” before he fired three shots around 4:30 am on February 4. According to Chicago Police records, she was shot in the groin as well as both legs. She is in a critical condition.

The federal authorities linked the suspect, a Venezuelan — who was not named in different reports — to Venezuela’s El Tren De Aragua drug- and sex-trafficking cartel.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that “even though he was identified as the shooter and the police had recovered important evidence,” including a shell case and video footage of the Ford Explorer involved in the attack, Cook County prosecutors refused to bring charges.” Police explained that “one witness” who could positively identify the gunman would not cooperate further.

You don’t need much imagination to understand why. The shooter has escaped and the only witness to the crime is a trans hooker, who’s been shot at least three times.

Here’s the real kicker. Two days prior, the suspect was arrested in Austin. He had “been hit with a long list of charges including felonies relating to illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.” The judge in Austin also let him go.

We have a transexual with multiple bullet holes, an extremely suspect suspect that keeps being released, and Venezuelan sex and drug cartels operating with apparent impunity.

What bugs me the most is that even after today’s report, we don’t yet know what a terrible act would be required to lock up an illegal alien. But we may soon find out.