Booze-Soaked Newsom Endorses DUI Dave Min, Sparks Controversy


California Senator Dave Min (D-Irvine) placed in the top two for the CA47 Congressional Race. A DUI in May 2023 caused a lot of public embarrassment.

Min was driving near the capital of the state without his headlights on. When the police saw him blowing through a traffic light, they pulled him over. Min was barely able to stand up and when he blew in the breathalyzer, he was above the legal limit. A breathalyzer was taken twice, and both tests showed the same results.

Scandals are a good way to enhance a Democrat’s resume.

During his tenure as San Francisco governor, he had a sexual affair with his best friend’s wife, who was also his campaign manager.

Hair Gel is disgusted by those who do not get vaccinated. He compares the non-vaccinated to drunk drivers.

Dave Min was given a pass and an endorsement for doing exactly that. Newsom and Min are like two glued together. Min feels proud to have Newsom’s endorsement.

Birds feather and everything else.

Dangerous Dave Min boasts today about Gavin Newsom’s endorsement. Min recently boasted about his endorsement by socialist Squad members like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

The extreme policies of Min’s failed in Sacramento increased taxes, gas prices, and costs of living while crime and homelessness were allowed to run rampant.

Scott Baugh is five points ahead of Min in recent polls, despite his generosity.

Min makes all the right notes: reproductive freedom, climate change, MAGA Republicans are evil. But he fails to seal the deal for some voters. Baugh’s campaign adviser Jon Fleischman thinks that NPP (No Party Preferred) voters will make the difference in the 2024 election.

Jon Fleischman, a former executive of the California Republican Party and Baugh’s informal advisor, is a retired executive director. He holds a slightly differing view: In a low-profile race, voters might be motivated by the name of the party attached to the candidate’s title. But CA47 is not ordinary.

Fleischman stated that “swing voter” issues such as affordability and crime reduction would resonate with this group of voters.

He claimed that voters without a party preference would decide on the race.

The money spent on the 5th March primaries is another example.

AIPAC and EMILY’s List both contributed millions to the CA47 primaries. AIPAC’s anti-Min ads highlighted Min’s arrest in Sacramento for driving while intoxicated in 2023.

Min apologized but struggled to drink one more.

Baugh doesn’t like to be criticized, but Min is a DUI which raises questions about his judgment and suitability to serve in a higher position. The two men will appear on Voice of Orange County’s “Feet to the Fire”, an upcoming podcast. It’ll be interesting to see how Min handles himself sober.