McCarthy Strikes Back: Allies Fund Challengers Against Those Who Ousted Him


Kevin McCarthy has left, but he is not forgotten. Especially as he continues taking swipes at the people who took him away from the seat he most wanted – the Speaker’s Chair.

According to previous reports, he is also planning a revenge tour against the political party that he had said he would support.

McCarthy and his team have been working on a revenge plan that was announced by POLITICO in February.

According to six sources familiar with the plans, who requested anonymity to discuss them, a top McCarthy ally named Brian O. Walsh is leading an effort to recruit primary opponents to challenge members of the “Gaetz Eight,” the Capitol’s name for Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., and seven Republicans that supported his fire-McCarthy campaign.

Now, it appears that these allies have launched their first attack in the form of ads airing in districts of the Gaetz Eight.

The American Prosperity Alliance is a group with ties to the former Speaker of the House, and it has begun to run attack ads against a number of these House members.

In Virginia, state senator John McGuire is challenging Good’s primary. Mace in South Carolina will be facing Catherine Templeton – a former gubernatorial nominee. Crane in Arizona, who was the lone freshman to vote against McCarthy will face the former Yavapai County supervisor Jack Smith. The groups McCarthy funded, such as the Congressional Leadership Fund, and the House GOP Campaign arm, have all been

This will likely be an opening salvo by McCarthy’s allies. Although the seven-figure purchase will cover 12 districts, only some districts will receive TV ads and others will only get digital ones. Among those on the list are Reps. Andy Biggs and Matt Gaetz of Florida and Tim Burchett of Tennessee — who also voted to remove McCarthy. Also included in this list are Reps. Marcy Gluesenkamp Per

According to POLITICO, the American Prosperity Alliance spent $330,000 on Mace, $160,000 on Good, approximately $218,000 for Crane, and $150,000 for Kaptur.

Former McCarthy adviser Brian Walsh, who worked at the National Republican Senatorial Committee for a time, is the target of this attack. Walsh was a creature from the Establishment of Washington.

He aligned with the NRSC in Florida for Charlie Crist and Trey Grayson, as well against Mike Lee when he launched the bid to oust Bob Bennett in Utah.

Walsh was at one time a columnist with US News, where he didn’t disclose that he still got paid by the NRSC, to do what my colleague said all those years ago: “carry water (for Mitch McConnell) by trashing conservative groups.”

McCarthy is a professional when it comes down to criticizing Republicans, rather than advocating conservatism.

This is what you can expect of someone who has spent their entire career on the social and professional ladders in Washington D.C. The lack of glory and attention he used to receive is making him act worse. His addiction is like that of a heroin addict, but he is fortunate to have allies and advisers with deep pockets.

McCarthy is a man who can’t let go of the past. He has no respect for conservatives and only has the Washington grifters, like Brian Walsh to help him in his revenge trip.

This is just sad.