Boris Johnson Still Under Fire, Steps Down as Lawmaker


While Donald J. Trump, the former president of the United States, is facing yet another indictment for his handling of classified information documents his former U.K. colleague is also dealing with problems. Boris Johnson, former British Prime Minister and currently a member of Parliament in the UK, has chosen to once again resign from his position amid controversy and pressure.
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Boris Johnson, the former U.K. prime minister, shocked Britain by quitting his position as a legislator on Friday after he was told that he would be sanctioned for misinforming Parliament. He left with a furious tirade against his political rivals — and his successor, Rishi Sunderak — which could blow open tensions in the ruling Conservative Party.

Johnson resigned following the findings of a legislative investigation into the misleading statements he had made to Parliament regarding “partygate,” which was a series rule-breaking parties in the government during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Johnson’s lengthy resignation letter accused his opponents of trying him drive out, and hinted at the possibility that his political rollercoaster career was not yet over.

He said, “It’s very sad that I am leaving the Parliament — for now at least.”

Johnson has resigned twice in the last year. Johnson resigned from his position as prime minister in July 2022 after much speculation and resignations by his party members.

He resigned from politics less than four months after winning an 80-seat majority. Nine months earlier, he had stepped down as Prime Minister after being fined by the police for violating his own Covid regulations.

Johnson’s statement was a rebuke to his political enemies who had targeted him since he saw the findings of the privileges committee against him this week.

According to reports, the pressure Johnson felt through the investigation committee prompted his decision.

Johnson, 58 years old, claimed that he “received an email from the Privileges committee making it very clear — to my great surprise — that they were determined to use proceedings against me in order to force me out of parliament.”

He called the committee that is investigating him, which includes members of both the government and opposition parties, a “kangaroo tribunal.”

Johnson stated that “their intention from the start was to find me guilt, regardless of facts.”

A special election will be held to replace Johnson in the House of Commons as a member of parliament for a London suburb.

Johnson insists that he’ll return to the British political scene, but other analysts are skeptical. According to BBC polling expert Sir John Curtice, Johnson’s name is synonymous with “lie”. Others recall his role in flouting COVID regulations while others were sick and dying.

Alastair Campbell: “If Boris Johnson were confident in his argument, as he says he is, then he would have gone to Parliament and fought for his case there. He’s instead throwing his toys from the pram. He is a liar and a charlatan. He’s unfit to hold public office.”

Johnson’s departure, and the way it was handled, has been met with sadness by other political figures.

Boris Johnson served his country and constituency with distinction. He was the first to support Ukraine and he got Brexit through. He is our most successful prime minister since Margaret Thatcher. Boris Johnson is a political giant whose legacy will endure.

The Conservative Post views this as a chance for Johnson to be finally released to continue his job at another time.

The history will tell us the story.