Gavin Newsom’s Incredibly Odd Interview With Sean Hannity Includes Some Very Interesting Moments


I was confused when I heard Sean Hannity interviewing Gavin Newsom. When did prominent Democrats start appearing on Fox News? Even less to talk to a partisan host of a right-wing show?

Newsom has a clear angle. The angle will be clearer when the complete interview is released Monday evening. The news is already circulating some of the preliminary clips.

Newsom, for example, took the time praise his relationship to Donald Trump.

Although Trump recently said some nice things about Newsom, I do not believe that anyone really believes the two are friends. Newsom even called Trump a threat to the foundation of the country. He is probably playing a left-wing four-dimensional version of chess. What better way to defame Trump than to link him with a far-left, authoritarian lunatic like Newsom.

Whatever is going on between them, it would make me feel much better if Trump condemned Newsom’s advances. The events in California during COVID-19 were horrific. Families were ripped apart, and lives destroyed. This cannot be overlooked for a few niceties. My main concern with a possible Trump nomination in 2024 has always been the tyranny that the government’s COVID-19 reaction would bring. Has he learned his lesson? If so, a little contrition could show that. Telling Newsom to jump into a lake is a good start.

It wasn’t that clip, however, which I found most telling. It was a clip involving Joe Biden. Newsom avoided the question when Hannity pressed him on a potential 2024 campaign.

Newsom is defending Biden, as one would expect. But wouldn’t it be better for him to say “I won’t run in 2024”, rather than refuse to answer? He’s obviously keeping the door open. And why wouldn’t that be? I have been saying that if Newsom entered the race he would immediately begin with 50% of the Democrat primaries. It’s not a statement I enjoy making, because I believe the California Governor is one of America’s most dangerous politicians, but that’s the truth.

Biden’s own supporters do not love him. All of them see the same thing as we do. They’re just afraid to bring up the issue, for fear that it could help Republicans. Newsom is a safety valve for Democrats. They all want him, but Joe Biden or Kamalah Harris stand in his way.

Newsom’s perspective is the angle that we are going to explore.

He’s setting himself to be ready for the 2024 election, the moment Biden stumbles. It’s important to keep his name in the news. And what better way to do that for a Democrat than an interview with Fox News? But we should all hope that he stays in California. I hate to admit it, but he would be a formidable opponent for the presidency, and I wouldn’t want to take that risk.