Breast Milk Banks Struggle to Meet Demand as Baby Formula Shortage Sparks Increase in Orders


Finley Boultinghouse, a milk processing technician, packages breast milk at the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank in Tigard, Oregon. And has been filling a lot more orders recently.

“The demand never ceases,” Boultinghouse stated that if it isn’t hospitals asking for us, then it would be, like, individuals with prescriptions.

The milk is shipped to many mothers and babies in the Pacific Northwest during the shortage of baby formula.

According to milk banks, they didn’t expect this national shortage.

“We predicted what we thought the volume would look like, but it is actually higher this year,” said Geoff Johnston, Northwest Mothers Milk Bank Shipping Coordinator. Geoff Johnston, Northwest Mothers Milk Bank Shipping Coordinator, said that we were running a little behind when we placed our raw supply order.

Breast milk is usually sent in sealed bottles. It has been difficult to find caps and bottles, particularly at an affordable price, due to a backlog in the supply chain.

Johnston stated that sometimes, “we pay two to three times what normal expectations are.” It’s a significant increase if you can find the right material.

Similar problems are being reported by other organizations.

“In this situation where you have a national crisis in the formula, there are some shortages and need everywhere. Freedom Kolb, Executive Director of The Milk Bank, said that this makes things a bit more difficult.

The Milk Bank is a non-profit that has provided breast milk in more than 20 states. It is also facing a shortage of supply.

Kolb stated, “It’s one of those things we monitor on a week-by-week basis with our distributor or our manufacturer.”

Boultinghouse stated that even if supply problems get worse, her team will find ways to fill orders as quickly as possible.

Boultinghouse stated that they do their best to ensure the babies are fed.