Biden Whines off the Record That the Media Is Doing Him Wrong


Joe Biden said that Americans aren’t appreciating what he has achieved because he isn’t able to effectively communicate his message during his interview with Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night. Even his best efforts to communicate this didn’t make sense. He spoke of getting “clicks” on the nightly news, but he was unable to finish a sentence.

Biden says that his message isn’t being communicated effectively. If you think he is apologizing for his team’s mistakes, or that they are admitting that they have a problem, that’s not what he is actually saying. He is stating that the media has not been fair to him, and that is why Americans are confused about his greatness and all of the amazing things he has done.

He believes that the liberal media does not do him justice. He believes that and even whined to them during an off-the-record session on Air Force One, where he “used much of his time to criticize the quality of the press coverage of his administration.”

The president’s family is increasingly frustrated that he doesn’t get the positive coverage he deserves. Too often, attention is paid to staff turnover and poor poll results, not America’s robust job market or relatively strong economic recovery.

“His family?” Could that be translated to Jill being upset? Two major problems are revealed by this complaint. It’s not his messaging; it’s his bad policy. It also means that he hasn’t been listening to the American people in poll after poll. It’s not about how he has messed up everything or how it has hurt Americans that his priority is, but how this all is affecting him. It’s all about how dare American media and people not appreciate him fully. The bottom line: Americans are suffering from inflation and high gas prices. That should be his focus, not what people think.

Biden and his staff should examine how they communicate with the media if he felt that the media was not accurately covering him. After any event/remark, they rush the media out of an empty room. Kimmel’s interview with him was his first in 120 days. He doesn’t usually take questions. He is still favored by the media. We reported that some media are losing patience with how the Biden team treats them.

Politico notes:

Since taking office, he has not done a sit-down interview with The New York Times or Washington Post’s non opinion sections. This is a departure from former boss BARACK OBAMA who gave one-on-1 interviews to the Times in his first year. Biden has also shut down major wire services such as The Associated Press or Reuters. Although he has given interviews to a few major networks, Biden still hasn’t conducted an interview with CNN one-on-one. However, he has made several appearances at town halls.

“I can’t imagine a parallel situation – it’s my fifth president and the first I haven’t interviewed,” stated PETER BAKER (New York Times chief White House correspondent). They don’t feel the obligation or the opportunity.

Baker said that while interviews with the president are not always the best White House reporting, extended sit-downs continue to be an important function in accountability. He said that White House reporters complaining about not being given interviews was one of the most unattractive elements of the press corps. “But the president talks of defending democracy, and that’s part democracy too – answering people, not on your side.”

It sounds as if you are teasing them a little bit when the media mentions your off-the-record session where you bash them. You can add another example to the growing media shaming of Biden.

Side Note: All I can say is Biden has a lot of nerve whining about how the media is being unfair to him because the entire time that Trump was in office the media did nothing but bash and try to tear him apart in every way possible, but he is a strong man and kept doing what he thought was right for our country.